How do i find clothing manufacturer/Manufacturer agents related questions

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How do i find clothing manufacturer/Manufacturer agents4SkaterMan422017-03-17 23:40:05
Hello, I launch my clothing line, but need help to find manufacturers that offer private labeling . I need a reliable manufacturer that can offer quality designs high-end clothing.
Baby Clothing Manufacturer in UK4Jocelyn2012-01-19 05:52:39
Hi, how do I find a manufacturer of baby clothes in the UK? I can not seem to find? Where I can find the details of the clothing manufacturer may also be able to help in the UK or abroad? thanks
Automobile horns manufacturer agents/distributors wanted.1 관용구2012-04-09 21:56:23
Dear Sir, We are a leading car manufacturer in India horn . We are manufacturers of speakers for 2.3 and 4 wheels. We also export our horns Where I can genuine / established distributors for our products in foreign markets? Thanks for your help!
Canadian Agent looking for clothing manufacturer0keven2012-07-30 11:55:02
Small orders of Hong Kong 's favorite quality, good , reasonable prices
womens wear clothing manufacturer for small orders1Adelaide2012-02-03 19:47:45
I am looking for a clothing manufacturer woman clothing to help me produce my dress from photographs . I am looking for someone who can give me a good price for the cost of the sample and the production of my garment.The amount is 20 pieces with a style I am looking for someone in China to Hong Kong. In the beginning , its a small order, but later we can look for large orders. I hope to find here a good workmanship and rectum. Best regards, Erika
Clothing manufacturer that can produce shirts similar to Affliction and Guess!1Omeristhebest!!! 2012-04-04 00:04:57
We have a clothing company and is looking for a manufacturer to manufacture our shirts , hoodies, thermals, etc. We would like to work short with someone who understands the trends and can produce quality clothing brands like Affliction , the monarchy and Guess .
I'm looking for a manufacturer to produce t shirts and jumpers for my clothing line with embroidered patches and prints1ALEX22012-06-29 13:05:02
How do I find a manufacturer?1se2012-07-13 19:58:02
How do I find a professional production of tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings manufacturer.
How do I find MWD & SDMM Manufacturer ?1Beijing2012-05-02 04:10:07
How to find a manufacturer for a new product1Dhaka2012-04-30 23:10:22
I have patented a new product that requires weaving and sewing . I need to get a quote on the production, but can not find a manufacturer or a sewing contractor to respond.
How do I find diaper manufacturer?3BON2012-09-11 12:54:04
Diaper manufacturer based on south-east Asia countries.
need to find out who is the manufacturer in china6Holly2012-04-19 00:04:50
Please someone can help me _ I'm looking for the factory that makes shoes lindsay phillips pressure

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