"China's Orphans" and "Orphan" What's the difference values

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First, the origin of 1731, Yuan Dynasty "orphaned" by the Jesuit Joseph Shima translated into French. 1735, this translation is the income of the four volumes edited by Du Halde, "Annals of China," in Ma José delete the original letters, song lyrics in a place marked only: a role now "singing" or. "Recite some verses "Du Halde play for the Chinese made the announcement explains:" The script is difficult to see some letters, because everywhere mean the things I do not know the statement, or the metaphor used is difficult. "This makes the adjustment the play of Voltaire germination of the idea of ​​Chinese drama. He was the spirit of sacrifice shown by the game and noble moral force of infection, according to his understanding of the reconstruction of Chinese culture in history. It attaches great importance to the educational role of the Chinese theater, that "the dramatic images of China vivid picture of human activities, and establish a moral education." Prior to this, Rousseau against the Enlightenment philosophy of "Science and Art", the book that civilization is the source of pain and degradation, and China, for example China, as "the corrosion of a civilized country" , and its result in a highly developed civilization, the downfall of the country, was devastated brutal conquest of the Tartars. To that point of view of Rousseau, Voltaire, the "Orphan" Spring and Autumn period to advance the plot by the Mongols of Genghis Khan captured Beijing after the era of efforts to describe the Mongol conqueror was conquered by the culture of conquered peoples, thus showing the victory Reason. He believes that although the Government by the Mongols conquered the Han Chinese, but civilization has always occupy a superior position as the de facto ruler. Second, the graph of "Orphan", a story in the "Spring", the "national language", "Zuo Zhuan", "Historical Records" and other history books are written, one of the first well-documented is the " ,. the historical records of the family of Zhao "ascended the throne of Falun Jinling fourteen, arrogant licentiousness. Zhao Dun normal speak several, the spirit does not listen to public opinion, want to kill Zhao Dun. Zhao Dun love others usually generous, can help solve the problem of people to flee, to escape from the border, Zhao kill the soul through the public and the Legislative Assembly brother Xianggong Black King and hip This is the Falun Jincheng. Zhao Dun chaired national politics is back. Jinjing Gong Zhao Dun died, his son, Shuo Zhao Siwei, for the moment Tuan Gu henchmen to punish the perpetrators of the massacre of the Spirit, on the occasion of the public house next to attack Zhao, Zhao Shuo whole family. Shuo Zhao's wife's sister in the audience, this time, an orphan pregnancy, childbirth fled the palace. Shuo Zhao Gongsunchujiu suspension Zhao Ying Cheng friends try to take the baby with the same size as a child refugee in the mountains with the Gongsunchujiu. The informant Tuan Gu Cheng Ying, stating that if the daughter would have to say that orphans. The results, with false Gongsunchujiu dead orphans, Cheng Ying real places dependent adult orphan. Fifteen years after the orphan and the Joint Strike Tuan Gu Ying Cheng, punish his family. After the things in himself to thank Gongsunchujiu children, orphans, three-year mourning period for him, and ready for the slaughter of the earth, the worship of Spring and Autumn, from generation to generation without interruption. Jijun Xiang Theatre "Orphan" is the time to focus on the public mind, the conflict is most intense. Cheng Ying hidden in the cabinet of orphans with eviction, was guarded by the generals have found Sun. Han Sun to protect orphans, suicide and died. Cheng Ying succeeded by his son fatherless, orphans shelter Gongsunchujiu false, and give way to inform the baby in exchange for Tuan Gu Cheng Ying trust. Tuan Gu Cheng Ying was considered as confident after surviving orphan adopted son Tuan Gu. Until two years later, the orphan grown, Wu Wen Youcheng by Cheng Ying said it was his personal life and finally get revenge on the family of Zhao. "Chinese Orphan" Voltaire did not just change the song and Yuan times, places change in Beijing, but replace all the characters, plot significantly renovated. Zhang Chen Ti song to keep the royal bloodline, as his own son, the prince, the Mongols, while the Prince asked his friends to go to Korea. His wife, Zhang Ti Council accused the United States against paternity, Genghis Khan, who was snatched by her children, not prince. Genghis Khan, the United States to end their love left to marry the prince fled Zhang Ti because the U.S. reported no staff costs Ida's moral integrity, to save the prince. Council of the United States refused to Genghis Khan, the only prince, not a bailout, and finally chose her husband, children with death. She asked to see her husband before the provisional criminal side, and leaving her husband to kill her first, and then himself. Genghis Khan in secret to hear their conversation, I felt the persistent love and unwavering integrity, unconsciously for the baptism of the Chinese civilization, not only all the people, but also thanks to Chang Ti officer, asking him to use Chinese culture to educate the Mongols. He said: You are justice and truth to a person who is shown in full. Defeated the people to rule the king won the battle. Tadao queen who deserves the respect of all humanity, the future I want to use your law! Third, the comparison Ji Junxiang the "Historical Records" record made some changes, so that way instead of infants and children with their own Orphan of Zhao, Han Sun and the plot of suicides increased, the intention is very clear. His loyalty to the attention of the work in the conflict with humans, so that justice hero sacrifice, sacrifice and even the emotional life of achievement, "just cause". This only highlights the tragic drama of color, but also clearly shows the basic characteristics of Chinese culture in order to achieve the purpose of promoting the moral values ​​of Confucianism. The "Chinese orphans," the focus is clearly not in it. Voltaire side of the blade in the work represents the image of the United States can not appear in any of the original sentence, not only refused to give the prince, also refused to give their children, but do not want to be unfair to co-existence, which are not loyal and unity of human relations, but also a "just cause" and "section" of the conflict, can not distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. Voltaire portrays the reason why the United States and Council, the embodiment of maternal love and chastity, it is obvious that the philosophy of Voltaire refused to lose their own natural feelings, to make what "justice", but could not put the personal feelings made enough off the coast of the national interest. Therefore, the balance of two phases, and leaves the United States can only choose three sides Juwang only not contrary to all his insistence. The image of Genghis Khan of a wise king to resolve irreconcilable conflict, forgiveness, the result of the whole people, is Voltaire in the open and rational pursuit of liberty and equality under the ideal of monarchy the best form of realization. On the other hand, the original work describes the process for a large number of infants and ink characters. It was to keep Zhao Yin, the destruction of the house carrying the entire nation of infamy than two decades, the achievements of the great orphan revenge, is highly complementary to the people in righteousness Daren. The "Chinese orphans" in the corresponding figures in Zhang Ti, the same place as your own children orphans, it was the end of Voltaire leaves the United States at the mouth of the damned. This episode, I think, along with loans from the characteristics of China's political ethics, disguised to promote "enlightened" monarchy of the factors - Voltaire "customs of," said the Chinese "a province known as County Civil war service classification officer, while the emperor is a Junfu country. this idea in mind of the people of this vast country to raise a family. "Therefore, the United States accused Zhang Ti Council against parenthood, it is necessary to love their subjects monarch, the father loves his children. Voltaire embodies the understanding that ethics in China and in the political system based on, but his assertion of the natural human emotion and maintenance. Thus, Voltaire, the "Orphan" in Confucianism is modified so that the Enlightenment ideology of its services for the construction of a new drama, but also Chinese culture and philosophy to Western generation of people in the most acceptable in Europe. Voltaire, Chinese culture, this "misunderstanding" in the name of the guide and the West at the time of the conscience and understanding of China. In addition, performance art, Voltaire introduced the theme of love, and the story line of "three", delete the orphan plot revenge. He believes the Chinese drama is not good enough for its long history and moral force, the lack of art: "The story actually lasted for twenty years, the accumulation of incredible events."
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