The types of lace

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The types of lace
Answer1AdelaAnswered at 2012-01-18 19:27:44
Hello In my 40 year career in the textile industry , I have worked in most areas of trade and will continue now in Vietnam. I am English by birth and yet my house in the center of the country in a region called Nottinghamshire famous as the birthplace of the machine and Leivers lace lace area right up to the 1990's. My first job was in 1970 with the largest manufacturer of lace Leivers Rachel and ran a lace of 300 machines, 200 machines alongside other warp . A large manufacturer is unfortunately no longer trade despite being the largest manufacturer in Europe at that time. I progressed through each department of the company's construction pattern strings , changing patterns in the machines, the warp and woof , re- orient the bar patterns , yarns, fabrics , designs for design, calculation of costs , technical development and , finally, at the cleaners to take care of color management and finishing stenter control. I enjoyed my time in the lace trade and have come back to this time of many areas in different capacities - as a buyer , user and seller of such beautiful fabric and intriguing. I love the lace trade and mourn is to move from manufacturing fraternity in the UK! rules ken
Answer2SarahAnswered at 2012-01-18 19:30:45
Lie Weisi lace (Leavers): Domestic Lace, also known as usury, the oldest production process. Lie Weisi lace manufacturer in the world are numbered. Lie Weisi lace is a classic and distinguished delegates, is the real lace of Calais. Noyon company has 80 Liewei If lace, lace to give the label specifically for different specialized Weisi lie Rachel snaps to the screen "DENTELLEDECALAIS" (real lace of Calais.) Lie Weisi fit hundreds of years ago by the production of hand, then imitation of the hand of some of the operating procedures of the machine in place. Lace fabric woven with the production process is similar to wool by the 16,000 at the same time. Every detail of flowers flowers by two access control board, as the piano music of the same principles. Weisi production are fit for workers with high technical quality and experience. Number of persons engaged in production of lace on the number of people that the production of Rachel 5 times. Lie Weisi lace fabric preparation is very complicated and important, it requires experience and high skills, such as consistency and coherence of the thread tension. Lie Weisi lace features: * process tedious flower design, 150-200 board are a group of flower design. * Patterns of fine grain, clear, three-dimensional lace edge of the clear and strong and fit * Rachel, compared with a best fit smooth Rachel (Rachel) Rachel (Rachel) and Trico (Tricot) are the two processes warp. The 19th century, there is a warp scarf to the famous French actress, "Rachel", named after this point, Rachel has been in use ever since. Rachel Rachel is a deformation of the guide-bar multi-point lace machine for the production, with a maximum guide bar 78, guide bar room to spend more money in the larger design. Rachel Rachel lace is divided into the traditional lace (Rachel), Electronic Jacquard Rachel Lace Fabric (Jacquardtronic), Rachel lace knitting yarn electronic pressure (Textronic). 1. The traditional lace Rachel (Rachel) Rachel lace traditional fabrics mechanical control devices, which are based on plate motion pattern string is obtained, replace the gauge blocks to reorganize the chain, rather complicated time, so that the amount Lace minimum reserve requirement on a large electronic Rachel. Rachel internal short lace is the traditional mechanical control does not include Rachel lace-point and point lace electronic jacquard electronic pressure Rachel Rachel lace thread. Rachel fits the production of traditional models are MRSS32 (32 comb), MRGSF31/16 (32 comb, pressing comb yarn sheet 16) and so on. 2. Electronic Jacquard Rachel Lace Fabric (Jacquardtronic): Rachel electronic control equipment, and Jacquard network device to the end of the range of lace, flowers, live rich. CAD designers used a special design of information systems will have on the machine information warp knitting machine reading stored on the disk, the disk in the machine can produce. Therefore, technological progress not only expanded the design space of the flower, but also reduces the production of art and design and the actual distance. The production of electronic jacquard lace models Rachel has MRPJ73 / 1, MRPJ43 / 1 and so on. 3. Lace knitting yarn Rachel electronic pressure (Textronic): production of yarn knitting lace Rachel electronic pressure machine works with the production of lace knitting machines Jiake Rachel electronic principle itself, but is more than one thread of this pressure plate allows a reserve more than three dimensions. Rachel lace electronic wire pressure point has the effect of embroidery, lace, characterized by the concave-convex three-dimensional sense. Therefore, the fitting of electronic pressure point and lies Weisi Rachel lace thread soon. The production of yarn woven lace patterns Rachel MRESF31/1/24 electronic pressure, MRESF53/1/24. Besides these two types of lace, embroidery and lace and crochet lace.
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