Greg's opportunity cost of T-shirt is 3 bananas. Eddie's opportunity cost of 1 banana is 2 t-shirts.? related questions

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Greg's opportunity cost of T-shirt is 3 bananas. Eddie's opportunity cost of 1 banana is 2 t-shirts.?0bobbi2012-07-23 10:34:02
... If Eddie proppses giving Greg a shirt of a banana, is Greg accept the trade? Both sides benefit ?
Help with Econ Opportunity Cost Problem?0BritBoss2012-08-11 02:34:03
Laura can produce 15 units of food and 0 units 45 clothing or clothing units and 0 units of food. She has 2 options trading : you can operate outside a unit of food and return to 4 units of clothing or trading distance of 4 units of clothing and return to a unit of food , which of these options would be to use her and that the product should you specialize in?
The opportunity cost of a decision can be examined by using a..?0shaun2012-10-21 07:42:10
one . production possibilities graph MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus chart production factors c. global trade-off grid MedlinePlus d. Graphic increased costs
The opportunity cost of a decision can be examined by using a?1crystal criss2012-10-17 00:19:01
A. ) Production possibilities graph of c . ) World trade outside the network B. ) Factors of graphic production . D ) graph of rising costs
Lantern lights and let the opportunity cost of investment0Chillie2012-10-10 23:46:40
Lantern lights and let the opportunity cost of investing in the Chinese Lantern Festival has to eat glutinous rice balls, street lights, and any other place, then families with children common to buy a rabbit overhead lights. $ 30 toy rabbit lamp is very cheap and entertaining. But if you ask an economist, my father went out with his son put a rabbit how much the cost of light, probably will not say it is 30 yuan, it can also lead to the concept of opportunity cost . That is, if the father is not a one-hour ride on the streets, but to return to work part-time income of 100 yuan, exhaustion rabbit candle lamp on the street, but did not point home, save electricity 2 yuan. So understand, putting his son took to the streets with lights and lamps give the price increases, the opportunity cost of the activity was 132 yuan. This is in economics and accounting is an important aspect of the cost difference. The economy of the opportunity cost refers to the investment in a particular focus on the one hand, lost after investing in other aspects of profit opportunities. If multiple choices but the real cost is the best out of the selected program to program benefits. To finance investments may also introduce the concept of opportunity cost. If the sum of 10 million dollars to raise funds for the investment options are equity funds and two money market funds, the admission rate was 20% and 2% (refer to the historical average). To buy the shares that the opportunity cost of the funds is to buy the latest money market funds of 10.2 million, in turn, buy the opportunity cost of money market funds is to buy stock funds available for 12 million. The two sides are mutually opportunity cost. If only the usual cost of 10 million investment to evaluate, we will see are profitable, but with the opportunity cost of evaluating, we find that the purchase of 1.8 million loss in money market funds. In the above example shows that the opportunity cost of not referring to the actual costs money, but it and without loss of pay. However, as the actual cost, opportunity cost is also small as possible. Purchase opportunity cost of capital funds is much lower, in relative terms, is a better solution, so I chose it straight. There may be a bond fund if performance is 10%, buy stocks that the opportunity cost of funds rose to 11 million. If rates of return bond funds have increased from 10% to 15%, while the return on equity funds decreased from 20% to 15%, is close to real income and the opportunity cost of their apartment, and the Fund shares will no longer be the best choice, or that there are no alternatives. Of course, in practice the possibility of buying fund costs, in addition, there are many references to factors including risk preferences, investment objectives, etc. Of course, let lantern lights to accompany the child and family affection is more relevant, and this is regardless of the amount of energy that the number of part-time and the province can not buy. (HSBC Jintrust Fund Management Company Jiangxing)
Is Natural Gas or copper trading below their Direct Cost of Production (or industry average cost of production)?
Did you know California Trade Deficit cost 2.3 Million jobs?t with China cost?0aziiancaligirl2012-10-19 04:54:16
Here is the information : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and the struggling California economy . U.S. companies can not compete imoprts suffocating to China. MedlinePlus
Launched 3G network to cost? The monthly cost?1Live like nonsense sentence2012-03-15 20:29:30
3G Network Launched to cost? The monthly cost ?
You have the opportunity to use up1Jill2012-01-19 03:15:45
You have a talent for using the opportunity to have the opportunity to make use of the title , a young man ask the opposite sex to you, but only in the same direction, how would you do ? She told the same direction, and can go. B told her in detail, and since there was silence on the C to the target area D to tell him to move, is a way to go look for another? Then take a look at the answer ! Back and see the answer! If you are not available for viewing home address!
Land of opportunity??1Halie2012-09-06 18:41:02
The U.S. is the land of opportunity , do not you think ? I am from Mexico and had no future as hurder goat , but then came to the U.S. and working various jobs, as a sub contactor and not have to pay taxes , so I can only americant sub contractor . I also bring my own labor in Mexico and pay them $ 2.50 per hour. Also I have to pay not sure whether to destroy the U.S. auto just send me back and I just grab another pileup . Land is cheap in Mexico and I'm building a house as I get most of the materials out of the workplace in the U.S. . I also like to help Americans build things with my trades and skills , so both seem to win , thanks.
EXPORT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY1short_lil_glam_gurl 2012-08-04 20:19:49
Our company manufactures wall and ceiling for indoor and outdoor use silica sand, crushed marble and Quartz. The product is extremely durable , eternal , applied by steel trowel plaster method in thickness from 4 to 8 mm , water resistant , has properties of elasticity and a 20 year guarantee is given. We want to establish an export business partnership with a reputable person or company in any country of our final products. The opportunities are great for job creation and training opportunities to local communities and citizens to apply the products. No financial acceptance. However, we are strict in selecting appicants possible . We will help establish you as an independent business owner , buy wholesale and re - sale in the sales price . Infrastructure provided with training, guidance, etc. Contact our company in South Africa for a complete profile of the company. Our profile is available in English, French and Portuguese. . We have established partnerships with two major independent individual West African countries . All agreements are legally and through lawyers . Our website is: for evaluation, are also free to contact the Department of Commerce and Industry of South Africa to consult any information about our company. regards Coating Gamazine Glamour
Is there no job opportunity abroad for bbm graduates?1naine2012-09-12 23:30:06
one of my friends completed his BBM for two years and worked as a seller of foreign exchange, commercial and accounting agent , one of them abroad. but unfortunately could not stay permanently in any of these due to sponsorship and unacceptable working conditions . has since been unemployed , who posted his resume to most job sites only to receive job alerts , rejecting the news. he is very depressed now and he is the only one to support the family , so it could not continue their studies for an MBA. you need a job abroad soon. So I wonder - 1) if the resume plays a crucial role in getting noticed in the workplace ? 2) there are good opportunities for people with experience and qualification mentioned? 3) If not, what are all suitable opportunities according to their qualifications and experience? ( So you can focus on the most. thanks in advance .. God Bless U .. pray for him ..

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