Total solar eclipse to be observed with a professional goggles it?

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Dawn Buckley
Asked at 2012-07-23 10:16:02
Can not be directly observed with the naked eye, ah, experts say direct light with the naked eye blind side of the possible, is not really want to know about professional help to solve this problem brother
Answer1sophmoreAnswered at 2012-09-18 06:32:05
Oh, yes, according to records, the process of whole foods, many people will be observed. Both fresh, before the sun is still very bright. Misuse of glasses direct visual observation or sun may cause blindness and visual impairment. Especially in times of harsh light, the sun suddenly shine. Some observers also can immerse themselves in the excitement of the naked eye can be seen in the crown, so there will be a strong sun burns the eyes (including blindness) Another highlight is that people may be short-lived due to the disappearance of the sun looked curiously. At this time, the sun is revealed suddenly likely to burn eyes again. Therefore, the process of observing the eclipse, the conditional use special solar eclipse glasses (like the mirror, but the price is more expensive than buying Hudson), the conditions of ordinary people do not use other ways to protect the eyes, as the use of thick black ink in the water basin, or even blackened glass, uniform exposure of the film, when burned with welding goggles, etc. However, sunglasses, film waste ink, coating glass, smoked glass by light or light enough, with their point of view, can not see the true nature of the sun and enjoy the best solar eclipse will be on the outer retina in the eye injury. In short, this so my suggestion is that you burn is best to use two or three 12 or 14 welding goggles recharge well, the price is not expensive, three less than $ 5. And you should not be too long observation time, after all, the total eclipse process more than two hours, every few minutes to look, but not the initial losses and turn the food 5 minutes, do not miss this the most exciting scene in the line. Finally, I am successful! Happy every day!
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