Is it more cost-effective for LA to keep Bynum over trading for Howard? related questions

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Is it more cost-effective for LA to keep Bynum over trading for Howard?3aida2012-11-03 07:26:02
Howard's defense is superior but Bynum has a more complete overall game. Would it be cost ineffective to trade for Howard?
Did the Lakers luck out by not trading Bynum for Howard since Bynum is playing better?10nycholas2012-10-04 13:18:02
Bynum had 20 points 20 rebounds ! Howard playing very badly.
NBA: Bynum or Howard?4Niesha2012-11-02 01:09:01
Bynum is more skilled then Howard I am so happy that the Lakers did not trade 4 Howard . if the Lakers do not have a scorer like Kobe would then be an average of 25 , 13, 2
Who still wants the Bynum for Howard trade?2Ning2012-09-10 18:01:02
This trade is good for the Magic because they can move on without D-Howard and his drama and get another young franchise-caliber in return . For the Lakers, it is good because they will have someone on the post that can actually defend the pick and roll and concentrate on D.
Trade MWP-Bynum for Dwight Howard... is that possible?1Growler2012-10-23 00:18:02
Trade PCM - Bynum for Dwight Howard ... Is it possible?
If we trade Bynum for Howard, LA will be unstoppable?7Lwazi2012-09-29 05:00:02
Both teams would benefit the trade and Howard would be a monster on defence and still be able to shoot field goals which Bynum fails to do
Cost-effective to do business or buy an old van, buy a new cost-effective, friends say to buy the old, that does not pay to buy new.1Brad2012-03-14 21:24:51
Profitable to do business or buy an old truck , buy a new and profitable, tell your friends to buy the old , not worth buying a new one.
Would a serious Bynum injury put Dwight Howard in a Lakers jersey?4mmj2012-10-23 21:31:02
Dwight Howard has a Hollywood personality . I do not think there's any doubt that he would love to come to Los Angeles . The Lakers need to look to the future at some point , and Dwight Howard to the Lakers guarantee to be contending for another decade . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Next year rolls around , and the Magic not think you can give it up , I would be happy to accept a trade Bynum / Gasol for Howard .
Who should lakers have as center next year, Howard Bynum or Gasol?1Losa2012-09-04 01:52:03
Should the lakers trade bynum for howard, keep bynum and gasol, trade bynum for depth/other pieces and play gasol as center or trade gasol for Igodala? What do you think? Bynum is having revolutionary knee procedures in germany that help kobe play like he was 22 again... Dwight had back surgery and chronic back pain and other complications could hinder his athleticism. He has no fundamentals and no post game so he might never be the same. On the other hand gasol can play center so perhaps the lakers should trade for depth and other key pieces and dish bynum for some key role players or a star or two so the have depth? The last option which i personally favor is dumping Gasol to get younger and more athletic as well as better defense by getting Igodala from philly. Imagina Nash kobe iggy and Bynum. Iggy's athleticism and speed could make up for nash's god awful defense and with nash to feed drew, Kobe and igge the lakers would be unstoppable on offense!
Would it be wise for LA to trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard and Turkoglu if they had to?1flying fin 2012-10-02 12:27:03
I do not think just take Bynum Orlando just because he's had injury problems and temperamental . Gasol will have to include in the package . Turkoglu will be treated as Orlando will move to get rid of it .
Pau gasol for josh smith andrew bynum for dwight howard?0adelisa2012-08-19 06:33:02
bring back lakers Lamar Odom and Steve Nash signed with the midlevel exception . Steve Blake and then packaged lamar Odoms trade exception of Gerald Wallace . amnesty and peace also use the leftover money to sign barbosa . MedlinePlus lakers new line MedlinePlus steve nash pg - MedlinePlus sg- kobe ​​bryant MedlinePlus Gerald Wallace sf- MedlinePlus pf- josh smith MedlinePlus c - dwight howard MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus bank MedlinePlus pg - ramon sessions MedlinePlus sg- leandro barbosa MedlinePlus SF - Matt Barnes MedlinePlus Lamar Odom pf- MedlinePlus c - Jordan Hill
Dwight Howard vs Andrew Bynum: Who's a better option for the Lakers? (READ)?2shaneka2012-09-13 17:52:03
I think Andrew Bynum is a great center, but he has always been a lazy person throughout his career until this season (as its name goes into trade negotiations and being compared to Mr Howard, who wants to " suddenly " become dominant ). The Lakers should not play in this type of behavior. "I want to dominate this night against the Magic, but in a cuple of days before the Bobcats want to be lazy " A. Bynum Lakers need Bynum defense that does not really show compared to Dwight Howard. D. Howard plays his talents to the fullest and if you join the Lakers , he will be surrounded by AllStars show Pau post moves and Jordan Hill, and help win the NBA title with the Lakers. I'ma huge Lakers fan and I want the best for the Lakers for them to win a NBA championship again. The construction of the Allstar team will help lead them in the right direction. If the heat can build this " AllStar " team type , why not the Lakers ? PD is a player that Dwight gets a lot of injurys ?

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