The machine of Hua Shuo F8H64VA child don't have of the system formerly? Is what I just bought DOS? related questions

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The machine of Hua Shuo F8H64VA child don't have of the system formerly? Is what I just bought DOS?1Nara2011-12-22 04:59:21
Sale of children next to the machine the old computer that the person is saying is that you should install Vista, but why the view that there is an authorized edition in the box on my plate ah team , hua Shuo this child of the machine did not give a dish system? However it came to buying a system?
Urgent urgent! ! ! Excuse me my machine child condition of this locality connective is " accept restriction or also go up not to go without the broadband on join " , how is knowing good? (It is XP system)1swamp donkey 2012-04-29 01:31:52
Urgent Urgent! ! ! Excuse me a child of the machine in this town is conjunctive "accept the restriction or also go to not go without broadband in the union," knows how good? ( System is XP )
Why my home machine child just began very fast, but cannot pass 5 minutes, what to nod very slow, and appear dead machine phenomenon, how to do?1Aldrich2011-12-28 06:36:02
Also do 3 minutes, two, probably , what is the point mirrorred about , how do? Do you still have reasons other than ill poison
Ask each ace people help me! My new machine child not time dead machine appears La Bing. Wrong code name: 0x000000501Roaming.2012-01-06 18:41:00
Each village as: My computer was bought still be less than the dead machine 's Bing occurring when half of the month is wandering in the child of the machine in the program: *** STOP: 0x00000050 ( 0xBBA6C004 , 0x00000000, 0XBF926CAC , 0x00000002 ) and should have the power source capacity again, is to infuriate me dead to pull the truth! I pray every ace to help me, here I thank you first pull !
The client's machine child appeared such problem (table machine) .1Rox2012-09-14 18:05:03
Turn your mobile phone to enter self-test , show a system to enter F1, enter the BIOS , Delete, enter the BIOS automatically a while too, what's the problem be? Why did you go to this type of case ?
My V3 just bought 3 months how to telephone close automatically machine rise again machine! ! Receive a short message also so appearance! Ask ace to tell! ! ! ! ! ! !1Georg2012-02-03 21:16:51
My V3 just bought 3 months how telephone close automatically increase the machine machine again ! ! The wireless switches on the mobile phone will receive a short message also for the look ! Normal when the little one! ! Inquire as to tell! ! ! ! ! ! !
MOTO E680G this machine child how ah?1How to cry Dian L2012-02-28 19:30:42
1.MOTO E680G this child of the machine how ah ? 2 . How to avoid the possibility of purchasing products from an abnormal channel ? 3 . This boy feels the machine screen damage either easily? ~ Thanks a lot! !
Why to install XP system afresh, machine Laoguan machine?1Cliffor2012-04-16 19:35:43
I can reinstall XP, can be carried out in part at a time, computer shuts down the machine , who knows, help me ah ~
Our machine child why to appear all the time window of a DOS, letting me choose to shut still is oversight! ~~1Dicky2011-12-30 21:34:36
Our son why the machine are all the DOS window of time , leaving opt for supervision remains off ! ~ ~
Why does my machine installed the old windows98 system crashes, but the ghost can restore the system restore but that they will not start?1Pat2012-02-28 17:47:28
Why is my old Windows 98 machine running the system crashes, but the ghost can restore the system restore, but that will not start?
Are you disappointed you bought games for the wrong system?0lutom2012-08-30 06:31:03
I liked my PS3 a lot, but now is just to watch Blu - ray . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What bothers me is that I can not talk PS3 with others online , you can not listen to music at any time for all games and controller, not my type . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wish I could trade PS3 versions of games for Xbox 360, but does not sell and then buy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Prefer Xbox 360, like any other person has his / her own preference , it is easier for the player (players can send voice and text , text only on PS3 ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Share your story , I will choose the one I like .
My machine child in have too much switch on the mobile phone started program. Majority is trashy. And good card, how to clear they? ?1Maric2012-02-20 00:10:47
My son is switch the machine in excess of the mobile program began. Most are of poor quality. And good card, how to disable ? ?

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