China is selling US technology to Iran: sooooooooo y did the Clinton Jews push the US to trade with China? related questions

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China is selling US technology to Iran: sooooooooo y did the Clinton Jews push the US to trade with China?2Jerr2012-09-01 19:10:02
If selling US techonology to Iran harm the security of Israel......... then.... Y did US Jews push the US to?0Xaxa2012-09-13 18:59:02
trade with China
Did You Know Clinton's Trade Deals With China Decreased Tax Revenue?3ann grosskopf2015-04-27 12:31:05
Clinton has seriously damaged the U.S. economy . Because Clinton 's trade deficit with China will exceed $ 1 billion a year within 10 years . Because Clinton , in just 10 years , the trade deficit with China increased from $ 11 billion a year in 1995 to $ 243 billion per year in 2005 . MedlinePlus
Bombing Iran or placing sanctions on Iran will harm China -- Is that a worthwhile risk?1toshondra2012-08-21 23:05:02
China imports oil from Iran --- and then sells the refined gas to Iran back to them China pays in yuan , not dollars - China needs oil for its growing economy that refined gasoline Iran needs ------------- The illegal trade sanctions - or strangle it just a little more than yesterday, the toughest of the toughest penalties will be for China If Israel or anyone else bombs Iran - oil exports will be reduced - China will be hurt If someone bombed the U.S. supplies of oil and the economy stops, even for a couple of weeks as a result - What would the U.S. response be? Russian and Chinese nuclear scientists are everywhere want the Israelis have bombed --- these scientists are building plants - power plants for energy use civillian The bombing of these sites will kill Russian and Chinese scientists , unless you remove them before --- If you eliminate will be taken as a green light to attack at will - keep them there and you can kill what could very easily be seen as a act of war against China and Russia (which might ignore what may not) As the U.S. debt China is huge - and China is already looking to the U.S. as the debtor nation of bums who can not afford --- is this a risk worth it?
What has Wal-Mart and the Clinton's done for democracy or a FREE CHINA?0Darius Miller2012-08-06 02:16:48
Media reports of the day listed the COMMUNIST PLA woes of the early 1990's due to COMMUNISM'S historically proven failed economics and a nearly bankrupt central government. Boots for every other soldier, guns for half their men with only 5 BULLETS PER GUN, no real navy and precious little effective air forces. Command was antiquated as were communications, nuclear capacity and field armor with moral was tanked due to nonpayment of salaries throughout the conscripted service of the P.L.A. The student uprising of 1989 by unarmed citizens seeking FREEDOM nearly defeated the PLA but was repelled with an excess of 10000 MURDERED students in the streets of China's capital. Point is, the people nearly won. 1994 saw the realization of the dream of capitalizing from tyranny while undermining freedom and avoiding living wages by a small group of Arkansas traitors when Clinton, acting as a WMT lawyer while President of the USA, extended "favored nation" trading status to the enemy of freedom.
First Iran and now China, how many more countries are going to be angry with the USA today?0Lynnora2012-10-24 16:14:00
Currently , China has criticized the U.S. in his critical view of the same coin and said it was going to start a trade war with the United States, Iran is also trying to kill the diplomats in the U.S. . The U.S. not planning on making any new allies
How do I find China and Iran chamber of commerce?2North Korea2012-02-26 23:46:54
Where I can get help when the provider has delaied delivey for the month of trailer after receiving full payment ?
What was the net effect when Bill Clinton reinstated China's most favored nation trading status?3Rica2012-08-21 23:08:02
What is the safest payment method for an importer in Iran who wants to import from China?1Peyton2012-09-16 04:42:05
as you probably know because of the imposed sanctions on Iran most companies prefer to use T/T rather than L/C when dealing with Iranian customers.however, from the buyer's point of view it's not safe at all. what could be done when the supplier ask for advanced T/T payment? I want to buy a large quantity of chemical materials from China and the supplier has asked to pay 30% in advance and the rest after B/L. What is the safest method to do business with chines companies? is there any bank in China that still accept L/Cs issued by Iranian banks?
If China is the biggest military threat to the US. Y do we continue to trade & share technologies with China?1Bella C.2012-11-06 08:29:02
By Malcolm Moore in Shanghai Published: 4:53PM BST 09 Oct 2008 US told to increase nuclear arsenal as China threat looms The report said the US had allowed its nuclear stockpile to 'deteriorate' Photo: AP The International Security and Advisory Board (Isab), which reports to Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, warned that "holding the US homeland hostage to missile attack is important to Chinese military goals". It claimed that China will have "in excess of 100 nuclear-armed missiles that could strike the United States" by 2015.
Will the tariff on China paper begin the road back from the huge trade deficit with China for the US?0yeah2012-10-03 02:37:13
or ditching the U.S. in current and future trade ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus / AFX /
Has someone bought something with this company "China Huahai International Trade Co., Ltd." in China?0Ansi2012-08-14 15:33:02
The website is ... I need to know if I can trust them?

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