Is trading Darrell Jackson and Joseph Addai for Braylon Edwards and clinton portis a bad trade for me? related questions

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Is trading Darrell Jackson and Joseph Addai for Braylon Edwards and clinton portis a bad trade for me?0cottoncandee2012-07-23 01:56:02
I have Addai , edge , Willis McGahee , Derrick Ward, and LenDale White as my back , my WR are Boldin , Darrell Jackson , Patrick Crayton , Roddy White, Terry Glenn ( err) , and Reggie Williams.
Should i trade Chad Johnson for Joseph Addai? My team is ....?1Verna2012-10-16 22:26:03
starters MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Matt Leinart MedlinePlus , Ari QB MedlinePlus Frank Gore MedlinePlus * SF RB MedlinePlus Maurice Jones - Drew MedlinePlus , Jac RB MedlinePlus Santonio Holmes MedlinePlus , Pit WR P MedlinePlus Chad Johnson MedlinePlus , Cin WR MedlinePlus Larry Fitzgerald MedlinePlus , Ari WR MedlinePlus Randy McMichael MedlinePlus , TE ROB MedlinePlus Patriots D / ST MedlinePlus , NE D / ST MedlinePlus Robbie Gould MedlinePlus , Chi K MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My bank MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chester Taylor MedlinePlus , Min RB MedlinePlus DeAngelo Williams MedlinePlus , Car RB MedlinePlus Marshawn Lynch MedlinePlus , Buf RB MedlinePlus Reggie Brown MedlinePlus , Phi WR MedlinePlus Bernard Berrian MedlinePlus , Chi WR MedlinePlus Steve McNair MedlinePlus , Bal QB MedlinePlus Packers D / ST MedlinePlus , Is D / ST MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I do trade , the guy really wants Chad Johnson and Marshawn Lynch , but the rookie running means nothing to me , but if worse came to worse I do trade Chad Johnson and Lynch Joseph Addai ? And how do you feel about Chad Johnson only up to Joseph Addai , in my league I have the option of playing two runners and two wide receivers and a RB / WR in Santonio Holmes I there. Is this benefit me play 3 RB is solid instead of 3 WR , Gore , Addai , and Jones Drew , denying Chad J ?
What do you think of the Kiwanuka for Braylon Edwards trade?0Cristina2012-11-03 16:42:45
Trade Rumor: Braylon Edwards for Mathias Kiwanuka and 2nd round pick I think its a win win for both teams; the browns get the perfect young speed linebacker/DE to start at outside linebacker in their 3-4 defense who has 2 years on his contract. Edwards contract ends this year and they arent a super bowl contenders this year and he will most likely not return for the future and they get the draft pick. Then, they can draft crabtree to replace him with their 1st round pick. The giants get the credible receiver in the one position they need the most help in to replace Burress for a DE in a 3-man rotation, and still have a 2nd round pick. They can draft Darius Heyward-Bay with their first pick or Brian Robiskie in the 2nd round to replace free agent toomer at the number two reciever while keeping steve smith in the slot where he excels. An maybe plaxico comes back? how bout that 1-2 punch. I think it makes all the sense for both teams to do this, do you agree? do you agree with drafting heyward-bey or robiskie, etc?
Did anyone hear about the Jets trading for Braylon Edwards?3tegs2012-10-05 09:03:03
The Browns get Chansey Stuckey, another player, and a future draft pick.
Trading zach miller and lee evans for braylon edwards ! goood or bad?1marg2012-08-03 18:16:50
i already have 3 good tes arron hernandez and jacob tamme so i dont think miller is needed plus campbell never passes to TE anyways. is this good>?
Does the trading of Braylon Edwards signal that the Browns have given up on winning the Super Bowl this year?1J Hayes2012-10-12 20:56:01
Does Braylon Edwards trade sign that the Browns have given up winning the Super Bowl this year ?
Justin Forsett for Braylon Edwards?1DD2012-09-24 14:48:02
I lack in the category of WR and the person who proposed trade RB lacks . I'm not sure what to do , because both seem they will do well in the future . Any advice ?
Clinton Portis or Marshawn Lynch? Fantasy 08-09?0Olaf2012-08-27 13:25:15
Clinton Portis on my team and I have been putting up solid numbers for me the first three weeks ... I have a opporttunity where I can trade and get Marshawn Lynch for Portis but I'm not sure I want to ... Portis always put solid numbers but lynching is not far behind his car ... Just wondering how good Buffalo S -Line is compared with the Redskins O- Line ... I also wondered which team has a better schedule execution defenses against ... i wouldnt even consider this trade , because I think it is the best RB Portis but the skins are so many options in attack and Buffalo does not have many .... by the way I have Chris Cooley as my tight end and I kinda like it and get points Portis both ... What should I do ?
I need a second RB in a deep league, who can I get for Darrell Jackson?0hawk, falcon2012-08-15 21:57:02
I am in the second year of a deep keeper league
HELP!!! I have chad johnson, braylon edwards, bernard berrian, and mushin mohammed at WR.?0Johnston2012-10-19 21:23:43
I put together a realistic option trade . I want to keep everyone Berrian , not safer. Any idea who should try to pick on WR ? Possibly a backup RB . I have Fred Taylor as my backup. Any thoughts would help me a lot. THANKS !
Should I trade Addai for Moss? ?0FROGG2012-08-30 07:12:03
I have also Parker , Lynch , Slaton , and RB Pierre Thomas and I have Andre Johnson , Coles Laverneous , Galloway , and Wes Welker at WR . I have a position W / R flex along with two RB slots and two slots WR in my league . Another option is to provide Moss Parker instead. I'm very tempted !
Trade Portis for Wayne?1keonnis johnson2012-10-06 21:18:05
Reggie Wayne was offered to Clinton Portis ... My computer starts two RBs and WHO Representatives 3 and is as follows : RBS : Clinton Portis , Marion Barber, Ronnie Brown, Edgerrin James , DeAngelo Williams WHO Representatives : Plaxico Burress , Roddy White , Calvin Johnson , Brandon Lloyd , Kevin Walter So my question is do you think this is a good deal for me ? My thoughts are that definitely could use a better starting WR option . And for my RB , Barber and Brown do for 2 large boot options. But I'm giving too much away trade Portis for Wayne? ( This trade was offered by a team in another division for your information). I know my team will improve, but I think I'm giving too much. Should I counter with Barber in contrast, trade refuse , or accept the market as it is? Thanks in advance for any and all advice !

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