Why wont the webkinz trading room let me trade? related questions

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Why wont the webkinz trading room let me trade?0tymeesha2012-07-23 01:06:01
i click the name you want to trade with , but says that "it has negotiated with this personn today try again tomorrow . " but i havent traded with that person. Because it is saying that all those who seek to trade. If it helps .... this is my first time I entered the operating room with my laptop. I would like to have something to do with anything ? ?
Deluxe membership on webkinz allow you to have the trading room on chathouse on webkinz?0Taralee2012-10-13 05:39:20
Just wondering if I buy the membership on webkinz Duluxe allow me to be allowed to go to the operating room in the clubhouse chat
What should you trade at the webkinz trading room if you want kinz style?1Lonly2012-10-13 10:28:03
I want the Webkinz Kinz style , but my mom is not going to buy any of that I have no money for some. What should I trade in the operating room if I want kinz style?
How can i get in the Trading Room on webkinz???2Olivia Hines2012-07-15 20:19:02
The Trading Room is always full. i'v never been in the Trading room ever since the came up with the room. and i don't know how to get in!!! Please help me!!!
Why cant i get into the trading room on webkinz?2Victorine2012-11-02 08:45:02
I used to not even be able to enter the clubhouse for all I saw was a blue screen , I can now go into the operating room , but always full ! How I can enter? Thnx a bunchies !
Why isnt the webkinz trading room there?0sammy boy!2012-11-02 06:51:16
Why cant i find the webkinz trading room in the clubhouse?
Why can't i access the webkinz Trading Room?0John Smith2012-07-13 20:17:02
I have been trying to access this room all day and it hasn't loaded, i don't know if its a problem with my account but i don't have it in the clubhouse. i have some cool items like Egyptian stuff and rare items but i can't get there.
Webkinz clubhouse trading room?0prasenjit baidya2012-09-26 16:14:02
I have a couple of Webkinz accounts . the operating room has been down for a while. suddenly, the operating room is open to one of my accounts , but not the other . what is the problem ?
Does anyone know what room the trading center in the clubhouse in webkinz world is?0Jone2012-07-20 03:04:01
Does anyone know what the room 's center of commerce in the clubhouse in the world of Webkinz is ?
I would like to trade my webkinz account with 23 webkinz on it for any code like webkinz or kookeys!?1Enzo2012-09-17 01:19:03
Or eny type of account is as eny way pengwen webkinz club or something I really want eny account code is valid until March next year, the cool thing about it is when your exp webkinz account then you can buy a new webkinz and open up your account right away :) I make a new account that is why I am giving this away so if you want to send me an email and / or post here post here would be better or if I'm in the draft both whole time and I will check all the time so when ever thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Abby
I will trade a webkinz black lab code for a webkinz account or suprise code!?0cant say2012-09-16 07:23:05
I will change a webkinz black lab for a surprise or code webkinz account ?
Where Can I Buy Trading Cards That Ican Use Online For My Webkinz To Trade and Enjoy?0H-E-B2012-07-07 14:08:01

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