The camera lens systole of my SONY W1 does not obey orders. related questions

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The camera lens systole of my SONY W1 does not obey orders.1:そ -2012-01-18 17:35:01
My camera has several types W1 movie mode , but my co-discovery of patterns in the degree see photo , for example according to the camera lens really should pack who came, but still maintains the shooting mode. I know that to send the repair is the easiest way , but I do not know this kind of problem is repaired , the increase of the complex, is what the reason is , as here refer to each well.
The UV lens of 35-80MM camera lens is of how many norms1Carlo2012-05-01 20:44:38
My camera is beautiful can EOS1000FN
How to protect digital camera lens?0Nick Ross2012-10-02 22:09:48
How to prevent wear, ah , what clear tape will help you find a way to dominate
Sony a230 kit (with 18-55 lens) with wide-angle it? There is no zoom? The shot is! ? ?1Stanley2012-06-30 08:44:02
Sony A230 kit (with 18-55 lens ) wide angle of it? No zoom ? The vaccine is! ? ? Give you the following address : CB % F7 % B5 % C4% E1a230 +% EB% A5% B5 % CD% CC % B7% D7 % BB % FA : e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6ali_trackid = 1_e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6http : / / / auction / item_detail.jhtml ? item_id = c69d0238aee30118e83abc6de2a9a429ali_refid = a3_419252_1006 : 1102329338:6 : CB %% %% F7 % B5 + C4 E1a230 % A5 % B5 % CD% BE% CC % B7% D7 % BB % FA : e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6ali_trackid = 1_e1fb302b6bda379a00a08190f17f34d6
How do I find camera lens zoom for canon A1000?1Dick2012-01-27 20:25:37
How I can find the camera's zoom lens for Canon A1000is
Canon 400D SLR camera, like with a telephoto lens, please recommend several less than 1 million1Demonlord 2012-04-27 19:37:01
Canon 400D SLR camera, as with a telephoto lens, please recommend a number less than 1 million
My Canon A710 has a 2-mm lens is about the middle of the scratches, the camera imaging influential?1Rita2012-01-17 19:07:19
Buying a new camera, accidentally shooting stroke, affect large ? If you want to change the lens , the amount of money?
I am looking for to buy Nikon camera lens ,Tamron and Sigma Lenses at wholesale prices? where may I buy from?2cool guy 2012-01-07 18:27:48
looking for my Nikon lenses , 200 mm - 400 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm wide-angle lenses upclose , looking for prices also My Nikon lenses came to me with assurance as well .. thanks
Does Sony W50 camera impose minimum of memorial marvellous batteries how many money? W30 how? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1Brayden2012-03-01 01:55:43
Does Sony W50 camera battery impose minimum wonderful memorial how many money? W30 , how? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Camera lens of Chengdu **** limited company one 800 hind the requirement hits money to make a money in all 6200 even, I return money he says meeting refund did not see money from beginning to end I become aware be duped0Merli2012-07-22 08:30:02
I bought beautiful of Chengdu **** limited company can EF55-250 camera lens one 800 yuan, they say to hit money to deliver goods I was done again directly first, as a result they say a batch after 3 days 4, let my Fu Qi 4 money, ability can trade after, be over regressive 3 they push me 2400 other. I am illuminated did. They say to want to make sure safety of personnel of their deliver goods wants 3000 yuan to make deposit again after. Just can trade after trading immediately refund. I am illuminated did. Cannot trade again after, carry again rose cash pledge to want to fill to just can trade to 5000 cash pledge. I felt to be duped. Around makes money to account of the other side in all in all 6200. For a 800 yuan camera lens. The 2000 sign that did not see camera lens from beginning to end. I stopped to trade instantly. After they say the goods such as the meeting answers storehouse immediately refund. Tomorrow is the time that they go back. I was duped. Request, I am fraught.
looking for manufacturers of contact lens and contact lens solution.1Danie2012-02-12 01:04:01
looking manufacturers of contact lenses and contact lens solution .
Why is Greece obliged to "obey" the EU, if there are BILLIONS 1strange h.w kid2012-08-28 03:35:02
That doesn't make sense... I mean, if this oil and natural gas are exploited, and sold to the international companies, this trade can solve the debt in very short time (maybe even two years or less). And then, Greek economy will get better, and even flourishes again...

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