I purchased from a company and transferred 6,000 dollars and they have given me a shipping company that has fraud messages on the internet. What should I do if anything? related questions

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I purchased from a company and transferred 6,000 dollars and they have given me a shipping company that has fraud messages on the internet. What should I do if anything?3Thank You For The Help2012-10-25 07:38:03
We found a company on Alibaba.com and we purchsed product from that company. We later wired 20% of the invoice and the company provided us with a shipping company that is on the internet for fraud, what if anything can we do?
I am looking for somebody who has purchased from a company called Aussoft Technologies in Brisbane?0Ashlynne2012-09-09 17:42:03
This company sent me a brochure on " a great opportunity " in an area called sports arbitrage ... I do not know much about this style of trading , but it sounds very interesting . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Aussoft I researched and found nothing but the bad publicity of a forum in English ( www.arbforum.co , uk ) Looks like these guys are totally ripping people . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They have a sales guy named Craig , who keeps ringing me assure me that the people on the forum are competitors trying to sabotage it. It is very difficult for me to spend $ 7800 after reading all the bad information about them . He even offered for me to pay half the cost , and then pay the rest of the money I make with the software ! ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It all sounds too good to be true MedlinePlus if you ask me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would love to hear of any real person who has bought the software , or would like to hear from anyone who can recommend a sports arbitrage company is above board ... And without the huge cost !
If a company is purchased for a certain price, why would the stock trade for lower?1Aleksander from Guam2012-08-19 05:40:03
I saw a company that has agreed to a deal to be bought for $ 21.50 per share , with the sale completed within two months. The stock traded today for about $ 20.25 per share. So even though the deal has not officially closed , however , would not be worth it to buy stock and hold it until the sale gives you $ 21.50 per share ? The sale appears to be a very safe business , why is the stock still sells for a dollar or so cheaper?
How can I publish my company profile in order to send messages to buyers?2Shirley2012-02-15 06:02:41
How I can publish my company profile to send messages to buyers?
What are the top list company shares to be purchased for long term and for online trading?0Mr Lau2012-10-11 16:07:48
What are the actions of the list of best companies to buy long-term and trade online ?
Can a company's private (not publicly traded) stock be given to a corporate officer and not purchased?0Kashif2012-08-21 04:24:26
Can a private ( unlisted ) shares given to a director of the company and acquired no?
Hello You can say to me if this company is not a fraud1Alfre2012-01-31 22:42:22
Hi You can tell me if this company is a fraud This is the data that gave me the contact information contact : Ms. Jane I VinTelecom Technology Co., LTD Vision Communication Technology Co., LTD Tel: 86-755 -29529498 Fax: +86-755-29529496 Mobile: +86-15899876963 E -mail : MSN [email protected] YOU GO : [email protected] website: www.vintelecom.com http://vintelecom.en . alibaba.com / Address: Building 45 Dunbei , Dalang South Road, Longhua street , Baoan , Shenzhen , China
Is IDX Express a reliable shipping company?2Cracker Chick 2012-03-19 19:33:42
I paid for shipping with this company and have a tracking number, but have stopped responding to my questions due date . Please indicate whether this company is reliable.
is this company real or fraud3Alice2020-07-19 12:07:03
I would like to know if anyone can give me any information on this Company: Greatzeco Fishingreels Shop Country/Region: Singapore Address: SG singapore 6 Cuscaden Road TEL: 65 78879887 FAX: Message Origin: Indonesia Message IP: 182.3.45.* I found them on Alibaba and I want to buy from them. Please help Thank you Anthony
If this company D & T Group International is fraud ?3Bin2012-09-19 23:39:02
D&T Group International AVE. RICARDO J. ALFARO, SUN TOWERS # 37 PANAMA CITY PTY 296, PO Box 0830 - 2745, WTC Panama City, Republic of Panama
teng saddlery co. ltd is a fraud company0nettie <32012-07-09 13:27:02
We are currently placing an order with Teng Saddlery Co. for hand tooled leather products. This will be the first time purchasing in China they are asking for 30% down and 70% before shipping by band wire transfer. They stated that they are not set up for a secured site to use pay pal or credit cards. Do we need to use a Escrow and how do you set one up? Is there anyway we can check out the company further through government agencies?
What's a good trade company that does shipping from US to Manila Philippines?0Ande2012-09-14 10:53:04
I'm trying to do some MedlinePlus import / export from USA to Manila. thanks

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