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What are the forms of trading?1Miss Strawberry2012-09-15 05:14:03
What are the forms of trading?
How can i get the evolved forms that require trading in my pokemon white rom?0Kenya Ruiz2012-10-23 19:40:02
Im trying to evolve my gantouru to its ultimate form , but requires negotiation to get it . But I do not know how to trade using a ROM file . If anyone can help me that would be great . Im using the newest ROM and I have a white desmume pokemon black ROM too.
Can you imagine what will happen to the world if ALL of us decided to boycott ALL forms of trading systems?3D.Martin2012-09-24 16:36:02
Can you imagine what will happen to the whole world if ALL of us decided to completely boycott ALL forms of trading systems (i.e., both monetary & bartering system)??
Would it be better if there were two forms of currency?0woodpecker2012-10-16 05:16:21
What if Bill Gates invests in many different companies. ie ( food chains , clothing stores ) and got to where I had to use their money to buy things from him , but you can negotiate on their own money to have yours . Then , slowly , it could accumulate and become acceptable in the United States as another form of currency and soon became popular . Then I could compete with the National Treasury and make an incredible amount of money . It could also lend money to the government and take the 0% interest so you could actually leave department as a nation . Then I could get rid of the problem of income tax : ]
Why do liberals want to eliminate all alternate forms of education?2Marvin2012-10-14 09:13:02
They want the children living in dangerous neighborhoods to go to public schools where crimes and intimidation are rampant . They want them to be brainwashed into thinking liberal ideas and grading down to have different ideas instead of being taught by parents . These are cases where homeschooling is much better . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They are against online classes and say ridiculous things like " you can not learn that way brain surgery ." You can learn how to create accounting and computer programs online . This also helps people who are deaf , have disorders such as central auditory processing disorder , and people without cars. A lot of people who have lost their cars can not get anywhere without them . We will also consider how the liberals want to stop drilling , causing gas prices to rise. Many people can not afford the more gas from them. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They say that private schools are more expensive , but that is not the case . Public schools have exorbitant tuition . Western Governor University , a private school , it is much less expensive than public schools . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Odian trade schools , but these schools have smaller classes that would benefit people with conditions like Asperger , social anxiety , and ADHD .
Forms Model/Neptune Studios scam?1Jasmine072020062012-09-05 15:56:03
I was asked to go down to London for a test photo shoot with Form Models, thinking it was an agency that would help me get work, which I have found out that it is just a studio and a scam. I have already paid my
Should all forms of animal cruelty be punishable by the death penalty?2Maxiline2012-10-23 08:03:03
I think a total ban on all forms of animal cruelty , must exist. That includes hunting , fishing , dog fighting , the fur trade , animal testing and other forms of inhumane treatment of animals anywhere in the world .
I day traded stocks this past year, what forms do I need to send in for taxes?0Vivian2012-08-08 12:29:02
I day traded stocks during the past year , what forms do I need to send the taxes?
What would happen if all currencies and forms of exchange(cash, coins etc.) disappeared?1shilpa2012-11-03 03:46:02
What if suddenly, all world currencies disappeared ? Take a step -by-step in-depth timeline , or whether human civilization could even sustain survival ? MedlinePlus Does the world are in a commercial goods? A simple example would be when Jack sells timber for cotton Jill ? Timber is sold for food and so on . Trade eventually leads to the exit that leads to the entrance everybodies everybodies . The weak and unskilled are screened society . And anyone who could not develop trade somthing die .
I am new comer in stock market,online trading, I know intraday trading very well,but I dont know other trading?2happy people2015-07-14 02:41:32
If we are trading in intra trading then can investors in delivery trading purchase our shares when we sell?0Owen2012-07-12 05:30:01
If we are negotiating in intra then investors in the delivery operations of purchase of our actions when we sell ?
Momentum trading vs.contrarian trading. Which do you think is a better stock trading approach?0HUM1762012-06-30 09:16:02
That is to say, buy high and sell higher vs. buy low and sell high.

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