Let's about the talk Drug war?

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I am of the view that all drugs (not just cannabis) should be legalized. I want to hear some reasons why I'm wrong . Below I will give my reasoning :

I think the government has no right to control what is done to themselves. The government is violating our natural rights to property free and free of property , telling us what we can and can not eat ..
The jobs would be created by the legalization of drugs, drug traffic moves out of the hands of dangerous cartels and legal in the private sector . ( this will not destroy the cartels , as they have other sources of income, but would spend more than the legalization of marijuana) ,

the quality of the drugs may improve , there is a drug , nearly twice as strong as cocaine, with half the risk , this drug is a chemical research , which is only done in a laboratory, and is quite difficult to achieve. If drugs became legal tomorrow, market forces would force drug companies the type of illegal narcotics at present, not the pharmaceutical kind ) to create more secure versions of their drugs. (think of the popularity of moonlight after alcohol prohibition . )
other factors , but I leave this for now and respond to their answers.
Answer1WaliAnswered at 2012-07-27 01:13:03
The government own all medicines, their beings that flood our streets with coke and Herion, the CIA had to do there dirty work , you should look into it, as they come in a lot of government meetings and what you expect, George W. Bush pased the North American Union under the table and people are trapped in the border Mexican drug delivery to the U.S. and actually end up working for the government, and help our soldiers in the Middle East grow Herion and I saw this on Fox News and all drugs have legal status in the U.S. at some point in time so why would not they keep
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