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Would you trade your teams best player for a younger player?2jackk2012-10-23 15:09:52
Let's say the player sophmore is a very good player . Not a bad player at all. But for some reason her out of no where GM sold their best player by a player who has not even shown what they can do in the future . I ask because I am apparently " Dumb " because I said I would not trade for Lidstrom Karlsson . Kind of irritated me because why Detroit rid of their best player , are the captain , when he is old , before retiring , for someone who might become a lucky 2-3 years. Sorry, only intrigues me guess lol . So you trade your best player from someone who could be the future of a team , but it's too early to tell ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Note that you can only realize Lidstrom have 1 more year in him .... but I'm still very confused about this.
What is the shortest amount of time a player has been with one team then trade to another and the trade again?1Tania2012-09-01 01:00:23
Adam LaRoche was the pirate trade the redsox and eight days later he was back trade to the Braves wondering if that was the shortest time possible
Which tool is the 3gp format player the default player?1Xenia2011-12-20 21:56:40
Mobile audio and video files downloaded to a computer in 3gp format , then what kind of tool for playback on 3GP format is the default player?
What do you think of this big 6-player trade?1ND2012-08-09 05:07:42
I traded away Braun, Samardizja, and Saltalamachia for Pujols, Latos, Mauer. My thinking is this: Going forward I don't see a big difference between Albert and Braun. Braun will get more steals, Pujols a little more power. But not a big difference, both absolute studs. Samardizja has really been nose diving after a nice start. He doesn't have a tract record as a starter and is a converted reliever. Latos has struggled but is still very talented with a good tract record. If salty played everyday I would say he is close to Mauer, but since he seemingly plays every other day, Mauer has greater value, less power yes, but better average and other categories. That was my thought process and I'm glad he accepted it, what do you guys think?
When is the last day to trade nba player this summer?0Jesse James2012-10-26 22:59:23
When is the last day to trade NBA player this summer ?
Please tell me which player should I trade in my line up?1Aaro2012-10-07 18:10:02
C. Matt Wieters - Future Star MedlinePlus 1B. Albert Pujols ' Until Hell Freezes Over MedlinePlus 2B. Brian Roberts MedlinePlus SS . Troy Tulowitzki MedlinePlus 3B. Gordan Beckham MedlinePlus DE. Justin Upton MedlinePlus DE. Adam Jones MedlinePlus DE. Curtis Granderson MedlinePlus ULT . Alfonso Soriano MedlinePlus ULT . Jermaine Dye MedlinePlus ULT . Brian Zobrist MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chad Billingsley P MedlinePlus P Josh Johnson MedlinePlus P Tommy Hanson MedlinePlus P Clayton Kershaw MedlinePlus P Ricky Nolassco
Mlb 2k12 my player how to trade teams?6Liberty2015-10-30 23:57:44
i see the option to request trade in my player but its greyed out so i cant go to it. so i was wondering can you request a trade in my player? if so how do i do it.
Is it possible for your team to trade for other players in my player for nba 2k12?0Aubrey2012-10-10 07:09:18
my player is on the kings and the rumor mill says that kings could make trade for JJ Redick . I know that does not mean it will happen , but it is possible that your team to trade for other players
When 'Future Considerations' are listed in a player trade, what does that actually mean?1dot2012-09-24 04:56:01
Does this mean that a player is determined later , or something else ?
When can I make player trade recommendations? NBA 2k12?0He Hate Me 2012-07-28 13:29:04
The 2K11 the team was going to say something along the lines of " you are the cornerstone of our organization" and ask players to follow ... Does this happen in 2k12 and so when ? Side note: I'm the best player on the team and my team is garbage ( the Cavs )
If i request a Trade in my player 2k11 will i lose my min?2shantelle2012-10-25 11:19:01
I am a 99 in all and am now with the series plays 42 minutes per game and I'm the best in everything and have completed all the stages and I wanted to know what would happen if I asked for a trade? I lose everything? please help I will not ask for a change and lose everything!
In my player 2k12 can you still get endorsements if you trade teams?0Kaylen2342012-07-20 08:53:02
i have a center who i traded from the trailblazers to the magic but i dont get anymore endorsements

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