What do you think of this big 6-player trade?

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Asked at 2012-07-22 15:46:01
I traded away Braun, Samardizja, and Saltalamachia for Pujols, Latos, Mauer.

My thinking is this:
Going forward I don't see a big difference between Albert and Braun. Braun will get more steals, Pujols a little more power. But not a big difference, both absolute studs.

Samardizja has really been nose diving after a nice start. He doesn't have a tract record as a starter and is a converted reliever. Latos has struggled but is still very talented with a good tract record.

If salty played everyday I would say he is close to Mauer, but since he seemingly plays every other day, Mauer has greater value, less power yes, but better average and other categories.

That was my thought process and I'm glad he accepted it, what do you guys think?
Answer1RemyAnswered at 2012-08-09 05:07:42
I do not think it was a good change. I think Braun better than Pujols. In the end , I think both have a similar number of home runs and RBIs. Braun will average miles for the best and theft. Samardizja is having a better season than Latos and I think I 'm there . Mauer gives the game every day, but only gives a good average and good amount of runs and RBIs. Satly slam home run for you and I think he leads all receivers in home runs. It's even for me. The long term will be decided if it was a good deal, but I think he made a mistake in which Braun resigned . Braun is too good and has to take a lot of trade for him. I think Pujols is not enough to trade Braun.
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