Thunder clap is a computer

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Asked at 2012-01-18 02:34:41
It was a round of applause , you can go to the BIOS , the host still running , start the hard drive is also the voice of the rotation, but with a disk sector repair bad tools , says he can not find the drive I think it was a problem with the line connecting the disk hard, you ask who I can understand this?
Answer1AdolphAnswered at 2012-01-18 02:36:14
1 , to detect the hard lines of power and data lines are connected , the bridge is correct, 2, and then detected in the BIOS , look, see if you can find the hard drive 3, if you do not know how to detect that return to factory mode CMOS , 4 If you do not know how to restore the CMOS to factory mode , please consult your motherboard manual , 5, if you can not find the hard drive , consider a hard disk problem .
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