I think my friend stole my pony doll?

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So the other day me and my friend were at Walmart. We're both big fans of the show My Little Pony television. We saw a large tray full of MLP and dolls collectible card while there. We both wanted something, but were too afraid of being judged buy anything. (We are two guys 18 years old)

The next day we returned to the store and both were tempted when we saw it again. My friend walked slowly to the trash and began to sift through the variety of toys and cards. "Dude ..." I said. "This is shameful." Suddenly, a big smile spread across his face. "Yolo." He said. (For those of you who do not know, Yolo means "You Only Live Once ')

So I took a lot of them and ran to the cash register. I did the same. We were both laughing like schoolgirls small. The cashier looked at us weird, but we did not care at that time.

When we got back home from my friend, each of us opened the packages of toys. I have the spark of Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and (my personal favorite), Applejack. My friend was looking at my toys with a jealous eye, because he has a lot of horses that nobody cares. He offered to negotiate for my horses, but I refused. "Sorry buddy." I said. "I stay with them."

He said it was fine, but I realized I was sad. So I said, "Dude, are just dolls. Does not really matter much." He nodded in understanding and said, "Well, I guess you're right."

After he left home, I realized that my wrist Applejack missing. I worry that my friend stole it, but do not know how to approach him about it. If he did not steal it will be like, "How can you accuse me of stealing, I am your friend!" and if he did steal, is likely to harm our friendship a little. I really, really want my wrist Applejack again though. I feel ashamed for caring about it much, but Applejack is my favorite character, and I really wanted. What do you think I should do?

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