Camera lens of Chengdu **** limited company one 800 hind the requirement hits money to make a money in all 6200 even, I return money he says meeting refund did not see money from beginning to end I become aware be duped related questions

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Camera lens of Chengdu **** limited company one 800 hind the requirement hits money to make a money in all 6200 even, I return money he says meeting refund did not see money from beginning to end I become aware be duped0Merli2012-07-22 08:30:02
I bought beautiful of Chengdu **** limited company can EF55-250 camera lens one 800 yuan, they say to hit money to deliver goods I was done again directly first, as a result they say a batch after 3 days 4, let my Fu Qi 4 money, ability can trade after, be over regressive 3 they push me 2400 other. I am illuminated did. They say to want to make sure safety of personnel of their deliver goods wants 3000 yuan to make deposit again after. Just can trade after trading immediately refund. I am illuminated did. Cannot trade again after, carry again rose cash pledge to want to fill to just can trade to 5000 cash pledge. I felt to be duped. Around makes money to account of the other side in all in all 6200. For a 800 yuan camera lens. The 2000 sign that did not see camera lens from beginning to end. I stopped to trade instantly. After they say the goods such as the meeting answers storehouse immediately refund. Tomorrow is the time that they go back. I was duped. Request, I am fraught.
Hello, connection goes to a company well to see goods make money, but the company just does not agree now, want to hand in money to see money again first. Authentic?1Huette2012-01-04 02:01:30
The expert is good! Dongguan see in the tire business network of 100 million hair , connect a telephone number at all times. Money had decided once again is after seeing the money to the company, show that a firm hand to ask for money to see the money again first. I do not know possible!
I was cheated 1500 yuan of payment for goods, the requirement after cheater gathering continues to make a money, requirement refund, close machine do not go up line. How should I recover payment for goods0Rroyd2012-10-19 15:43:55
I'm in Alibaba is small and wholesalers to be woken up in Fujian , the member company limited hardware sold 1,500 yuan decided locks, the other party has not paid treasure to order the card is obtained , after my card collected on the other hand, said that 2950 yuan send money however , the requirement includes 1450 yuan , I ask again to see the money remittance , the other party says no to follow to reach a point of not delivering the goods absolutely , reimbursement requirement , say they want me to wait 20 days, executioner machine is not received after hearing , also disappear online , cheat undoubtedly face is exposed , expert forgiveness , how you can recover payment for goods ? How can you stop cheating be punished ? Thank expert is solved.
I was duped, how should do, money hits the past, everything has talked, goods does not agree to be sent tardy, the mobile phone stops again machine. . .2 등과 같은 대화에서2012-11-06 01:30:03
Appeal . . . . . . . .
how to make money money limited1Pace2012-02-18 05:48:44
how to make money from money limited
The replenish onr's stock in A sells the home not to support pay treasure, call me to collect money directly, although there is chatting record in A, he assures quality goods, and be willing to return money, can you believe?0kaytlyn2012-07-15 20:34:02
I find an inn to want in A wholesale, but sell the home not to support pay treasure to pay, call me direct remittance past. Such my risks are bigger, but the chatting record that there are I and boss in A, he assures quality goods, and be willing to return money, I want to ask, is the chatting record in A reliable? Resemble such circumstance, if I am encountered really is cheater, can you still accuse him? Dress of flourishing of flourishing of “ Guangzhou gold is wholesale company ” is this inn. If you help my fish,this is domestic cheater company, cancel his shop in A instantly please. Thank ~
I buy dress bank to make a money on Alibaba, the call says to want to make venture earnest money, the mobile phone does not pick up the telephone, how to do?1Little fool 〆2012-02-23 21:41:47
I can buy the clothing bank to make some money on Alibaba , the call says it wants to make money from serious risk, the mobile phone does not answer the phone , how do?
A female boss of the Super 35, the United States to make money law of insider like to make money **1KoRdUnAsIcA_17 2012-03-13 21:20:04
A chance, see this article. The beauty of a thirty-five **, the couple runs a shop decoration building materials, its viability can not be considered first class, but the incredible media smart. Each decoration has experienced, I think I see some stunning, but you can not sleep, and give some caveats, I think we can have some inspiration. a company that had never graduated from elementary school, the hours, the father of reasons, the family was living in Shanghai to pick up trash life, for this reason, you can experience hours of classes every family suffering poverty, stricken, was due to his father in Shanghai, an opportunity for them to have a stand at home opportunities. Shanghai had a production of the hormone production plant manufacturers, every day, picking up trash in them, to meet manufacturers of plant hormones in a person, this person because of low wages and stole a bag the plant growth hormone plant ---- 920, then not the rest of the fundamental rights to take the bags back to selling 920 of Zhejiang, hard earned money, money before returning to home, in the history of the family business. used to do a lot of business, such as clothing store open, singing bran traffic, etc, is supported by her husband took his unscrupulous methods that allow you to win a pot of gold. but has an unforgivable mistake because it is vague, lazy to send to others the extent of their own, only in this, the annual consumption will not return the money of thousands of dollars. gossip less and Syria. Now she has a store building materials for tile-based operation, its most classic of a transaction, let's look at its super-money law. Once a customer came to your local store, the customer looks around with a piece of ceramic tile options, and asked what price, said this piece of tile price is 12 yuan per piece, this price is lower than the purchase price of 4.8 yuan each. Do not worry, do not do the business of losing money, why do this? he saw that the customer comes from another store that came to the conclusion that the client is more concerned about the price of this piece of tile, but also have to shop around, and the quality of how customers do not understand, because customers do not understand the quality, so she was out of ultra-low prices, customers pick up a much, in fact, suffered a major loss. and then change the tiles to make money, is a "Prince of civet cats," trading methods, even more curious is that she also told customers who now runs the store building materials, often more cheaper than ever, never, never pay attention, convinced that customers, for his outspoken, no doubt. not know what they looked after you like? is only one sentence "speculators," Oh. In fact, as a businessman in today's society, very few, that many people are using these means, to deepen the life of the pot of gold. Marx once said, the process of primitive accumulation of capital is often the smell of blood, provided the pockets of unscrupulous money of others. Today the purpose of writing, only a process of transaction, be sure to pay attention to the type of product, brand and specifications, and blindly negotiation is meaningless.
[Want to make money friend came Lo ~ ~] to discuss: how the textile and apparel industry make money?1fatma kaya2012-08-22 16:22:22
[ Want to make a friend money came I ~ ~ ] to discuss : how the textile and clothing industry to make money ?
The paragraph arrives pay money, make the money to account selling the home directly, allow, safe, if why is the convention done?2 ↘ Preschool -2016-06-01 22:56:38
The paragraph that I have the money to pay, make the money to the account the sale of the house directly , permit, insurance , if that is done the convention?
Limited company of bright food of lukewarm city bridge lets make the money in personal account, be cheater?1As2012-02-12 19:17:25
LLCs food brilliant warm town bridge is the master of health wholesale face is desirable, or 24 bags , 100 box trade price is 20 yuan. Let me make money in the personal account of the Construction Bank , also did not agree to my business account . Sorry so real? To say that this account is its strong financial department
Is it possible to make money by forex, i have lost money twice, practice accounts its possible to make but?0ying2012-10-20 03:33:23
when it comes to a real account trades become unfavorable , is there anything behind this game , where does all this money go missing ?

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