Is Guangzhou bright how many does reliability of beautiful clothing limited company have? related questions

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Is Guangzhou bright how many does reliability of beautiful clothing limited company have?1SquarePants2012-10-02 08:13:05
Guangzhou is bright address of beautiful clothing limited company: The road in wide garden of Bai Yun district of city of Guangzhou of city of Chinese Guangdong Guangzhou phone of edifice of 158 stars morning: 86-020-6113390 fax: 86-020-6778711 this company reliability how many? Do not support pay treasure, make a money first whether be cheated?
Guangzhou is bright his home does not back beautiful clothing limited company pay treasure, can first bank remit money, such safety?1 Macau2012-04-02 08:04:39
Guangzhou is bright your home does not back pays treasure beautiful clothes limited company can remit money in the bank first , the safety of such? Feasible ?
Light limited company of Chengdu of science and technology of dynamical live thing these company reliability how. The country has relevant policy to these new energy resources.1【ポ ポ. the injury -2012-04-18 02:20:15
Would you like to do this project , as is apparently true
Garment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou bright they do not support the pay the company has not certified reliable2Dessie2015-12-18 19:11:40
Your house is very good clothes , I have to get enough, but unfortunately not in a city , do not support Paypal , it is difficult for me
Is eider down of golden happy event taken (Guangzhou) whether is limited company and that Hai Shengyu cloth with soft nap takes wholesale company same a cheater company?2Canny2016-04-14 04:18:14
The classes or types of products they offer and the prices are the same , the sea was born, had followed now closed , I'm cheating affirmatory subsidiary namely because I press the address provided , I was not finding , says local I have no doorplate date at all, so I suspect it is the companies themselves, as they also do not agree to offer, see the real pay, and not have to pay the treasury
Beijing surpasses limited company of science and technology of bright rich network is cheater1(i mean,) scrotum 2012-01-06 18:46:47
There is only one chicken to increase the land, the company should see a flame made ​​contact , but says he wants to spend an intermediary in the beginning, the proof that the city wants to host government is only good, of course not try or make money. I wanted to calculate later the security chapter in the city government , we are not shared by these young people come , not in contact with them again , I realized later phone many times, I think they call so you can see the affect this rule. I have a friend to go to work in the seat of city government , I like to keep a person in the palm of the hand to handle matters not at all, not very good no market , but the country method Search for detaining a person in the palm of the hand to strike the rule took hold, pass them , say their company claims fall in touch with me, spent half months now they have a message, I also believe that those who contact them to call , which wants to sell a chicken to play Zhang Jiao, even for the city seat of government is not very reliable after not really be the construction of atomic bombs , ha! There are no known older brother knows that he knows the people who cheat on this company is ? Slightly younger sister has faded here first!
Is Guangzhou of beautiful Lai international cosmopolitan can this company over there be those who deceive people ah?0Melolove on neo2012-09-25 22:01:04
Crossroads of the beautiful Guangzhou International Lai is wanted on the phone . However, the network address and other things that should not make a person feel much . Checking also not consider the relevant information . Can be fool people ah ?
Does Beijing exceed limited company of science and technology of bright rich network is true existence?1Cliffor2012-05-21 02:29:43
Hello, I'm one has dried chile , time has to overcome Beijing limited company of science and technology rich network buy Shang Liulei bright before, should I buy dried chile here's the province of Gansu , I do not know who has this company not even fool people ?
Guangzhou ** apparel company clothing company is a liar it?1HERSHEYS2012-07-19 10:49:02
I am yesterday ** and Mr. Cai Liangshan clothing company in a good buy a skin, paid the same day that promised to send clothes, but clothes do not express the next day, he said, the financial order that will have to buy two shipments , so make a dress in two parts , the results of article I have given clothes and colors , and he asked me the model number and size of the assembly line , and now the phone does not pass and registered with the telephone company Alibaba does not pass, I think, this must be a liar, we must pay attention to the points after theHa!
Limited company of bright food of lukewarm city bridge lets make the money in personal account, be cheater?1As2012-02-12 19:17:25
LLCs food brilliant warm town bridge is the master of health wholesale face is desirable, or 24 bags , 100 box trade price is 20 yuan. Let me make money in the personal account of the Construction Bank , also did not agree to my business account . Sorry so real? To say that this account is its strong financial department
How do I find Guangzhou Miss Gel Limited Company?1cockatoo2012-08-13 21:56:01
How I can find Miss Gel Company Limited Guangzhou ?
Credit of limited company of Guangzhou Cheng Fang trade how?1Lewi2012-03-26 01:05:29
Credit limited company of Guangzhou Cheng Fang trade , how?

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