Did the Atlantic Slave trade exist?

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1 . Where are these ships at ? They could of gone, had to be at least one.

2 . How do you build ? The construction of such vessels would be too complex at the time, was probably possible , but difficult.

3 . The trip lasted about 9 months , how can toxic waste slaves kill each other ? Teachers say that 3/4 died , but it took 9 months , how can one live 9 months surrounded by human waste ? You can not, is poison.

4 . No dramatic population decline in Africa today.

5 . He said these myths only to manipulate the Native Americans and blacks to make them feel bad and worthless?

My theory - African and Native Americans coexisted in America. I have no clue about what Leif Ericson inflict on them the first time I went to America? Personally I think that is where the slaves came from the last ice age , where Native Americans and Africans migrated together. I think the Europeans defeated both keep them as slaves. Do you think this might be possible or am I totally wrong ? Yes , I 'm white and I do not think of myself as liberal , but curious .
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The troll is too complex.
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