How to solve this obsessive bf problem? This is serious please help me?

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First, we are a very conservative family in the Middle East, where boyfriends and girlfriends are very well regarded by our parents. Out of curiosity and a mixed view of "love" (yes, I do not believe in that shit already) entered into a relationship with this guy. How? He said he "loved" even though I had never really talked before. We basically just looked away (sounds very scary and disgusting to me now. I was a kid immature at age 16). Anyway, asked me to say I wanted to be back, or she fell into depression (this guy is a monster). I did so brainwashed. We kissed and hugged and stuff (this is largely not only against our religion, but our parents. I did not know that was against our religion at the time, though.) I returned to the U.S. and were connected via email. It was then that I began to realize that this guy was crazy. Want to know what the main topic of discussion was? (. He, 19 years) That's right, sex. I mean, WTF? He "jokes" about "breastfeeding" and "rape" in my dream. If that's not enough to make you vomit do not know what it is. I said I should break even stopped talking to him for a few weeks until I called and basically guilted me into going out with him again. So I said surrre weeks and three later, said he wanted to break, so I took lemons and responded with "Ok" and havent spoken to him since a few days ago. I am close to his sister and me testing out international text messages sent to your number and I guess that answers with ****** of sexual responses? Yes, idiot boy. I stopped texting and now I'm thinking about what to do. I was thinking about calling her sister and then have him give the phone where I could call him out and dump his *** with a lot of swearing, but there is a problem. Nowadays, sending emails to change images (I hate myself for it.) Kept those photos, and although I told him to remove there is still a possibility that creepy stalker *** maintained. Nobody knows about our relationship, but that could easily spread the photos (no nudity, only pictures of my face.) What should I do? My parents would be so disappointed in me because I warned of this type.

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