Samsung galaxy s3 or samsung galaxy note.? related questions

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Samsung galaxy s3 or samsung galaxy note.?0hotsuz212012-07-21 18:38:02
I just bought my note galaxy just over 3 weeks of AT & T. I'm hearing rumors that galaxy s3 is the next best thing that I am not an expert on phones, but I wonder if s3 is a phone better than my notes , that is, many more features and better applications. I also believe that my note is very important in my pocket and I hate AT & T phone should I change it to s3 when it comes into the store?
Trade my xbox 360 for the samsung galaxy note?1skot2012-09-05 19:24:05
figured it'd be better anyways so i dont play games...starting to get boring anyways..what do you think?
Samsung Galaxy SII1 ㄨ. · Full moon ≒ -2012-01-18 19:44:03
I would buy this phone. I looked at I found some wholesale suppliers. But the price of this phone is very very cheap. I could not check the link businesses
Is the Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy s) too big?0Danielle Kinney2012-10-25 02:27:35
I have the Samsung Fascinate at this time , but I'm thinking about changing it for a droid incredible . The screen on the fascinate look much better than the incredible , I think it's faster, and I like the look of the fascinate better but ... It's a little big . but is slimmer then the incredible , is much longer . I think the iPhone is the perfect size , perfect in all reality , I work unfortunetly att verizon and get directions .... What should I do . I'm mainly concerned about the look of the phone , as both phones are good in software so far . Droid X has to be ugly phone I've seen, so it 's out !
I have an offer to trade my Iphone 4s for a Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE. Would you do it?1lanie2012-08-29 23:18:14
My wife has a Samsung Galaxy S2X and I really like the bigger screen and tweakability. It terms of value, do you think this is a good trade?
Should I trade in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 16gb for a Sony Vaio VPCEB15FM?0allen lews2012-07-22 14:02:01
I would change my tablet for a full notebook . Is this a fair trade? Sony Vaio VPCEB15FM : =
Bluetooth Keyboards for Ipad,Iphone,Samsung Galaxy Tab with Leather cases supply information1English2012-10-03 03:37:02
Chinfai is a professional supplier in silicon manuafacturer bluetooth, please contact this email and please check out this website. Contact: Coco Li Email: [email protected] Website: www.silicon -
can you justify what is the difference between star galaxy and black galaxy3bnmvbmn 2012-04-18 06:52:29
How does the galaxy black stars and galaxies , seeing at once , I can see the samples.
Which is better HTC One X or Galaxy Note?1Alison2012-10-20 20:52:56
Hello I have an international galaxy note . I wondered if I would change it to an AT & T HTC One x , is a good deal or not ? What still has more value ?
Can I trade my iPhone for a galaxy note ?0Kalree2012-07-28 18:58:58
Im bored with my 4s could I trade a sprint 4s for an unlocked note? Where could I trade it?
Anyone know what it will cost to upgrade from Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S3?0justme2012-09-26 03:53:05
Im with Rogers in Canada . I have an S2 MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I would like to upgrade to the S3 .. I know that there is a $ 50 early upgrade fee or something, but as for the phone , is there some kind of trade agreement older model and S3 Id get cheaper? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
SamSung X708 and SamSung E738 which better?0komal2012-07-17 08:21:02

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