Wedding decoration or paint with good paint good? Or hand-painted?

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White cut, ugly Nan?
Asked at 2012-01-17 22:57:39
Hi all ! Brother is getting married next year , I found pieces of headaches is timely. Group also invited a large group of power users, to help me do research. My basic situation is this: Our house has lived 1002 years , and considered the old house, now that the housing bubble, so after a big house and back. The intention of decorating the wedding room , buy furniture to put the ornaments is not a big problem is that the decorative elements of the wall are large projects , because if you re- paint or wallpaper paste is, basically , two bedrooms and two bathrooms all must do it again and the furniture is new , so do not change, so that a decision to install a very annoying even when moving can also cause damage to the soil or furniture, so I think this is a waste of resources, the major project . So I hope that through the network , looking for a wall without a struggle not only beautiful and a great way to introduce the new wall decoration or a great way to save a little effort. Wall decor is inevitable, then choose what type of paint is best is a wallpaper or paint is good, now say something green green, but do not know that the end is good, but please recommend brands generally do well compared to how long it takes to live no problem, get a more appropriate , when I was ready this year's October wedding . ah nervous time
Answer1 flowers if Xiangxi -Answered at 2012-01-17 22:58:44
The second half of the time of marriage is sufficient ah , wallpaper more comfortable , environmentally friendly and save if you want to paint , then brush with green paint recommendations big brush, moved furniture into the room when the center of the line, do not move
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