Do you need a drivers license to be a Plumber?

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Amy L.
Asked at 2012-07-21 17:10:02
I know there is a law for a driver's license to be a plumber . But if you're a plumber. Will or would be a company to send someone to drive you to the site to do the job. Besides, companies give plumbers vans ? You know the truck to do with the company name and logo on it and the tools inside. I have 16 years and I go to a trade school high . I am currently in grade 10 and have done a year of Graphic Design. But I'm stuck on what I want to be a plumber. I mean, I 'm not in a bad mood as it used to be, but I have pressure points where I fit . But not on a client , of course. Looks Plumbing and fun sound as it rotates around the pipes. The thing is I have to have 3 years of a store. Therefore, you probably have to go to a plumbing training school or facility or college of commerce. I have skills in math a little wrong and struggling to read a ruler. But you can learn .
Answer1randyAnswered at 2012-07-31 05:38:02
Yes, you have to get one.
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