Do you think Atlanta made a good deal trading Schaub? related questions

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Do you think Atlanta made a good deal trading Schaub?8Lucia2012-09-25 04:51:02
In my opinion this deal made the Falcons a whole lot better I think this was a great deal for the Falcons. If they stay where they are and pick eighth they are guaranteed to get Landry the safety from LSU, whom the Dolphins covet at the ninth pick. Also, they might be able to package picks to move up to the #2 spot and nab Calvin Johnson the hometown boy to become a dynamic weapon for Michael Vick. Great deal for the Falcons in so many ways; in fact, I feel this may go down as one of the all time steals if the Falcons play it right.
Trading my iPod Touch 3rd Gen for a Nokia E5 - Good deal, or bad deal?1kristeena2012-07-07 10:45:02
Question says it all.
Do you think trading Chuck James for Royals David DeJesus would be a good trade for the Atlanta Braves?1Sammy J2012-10-09 01:41:02
Do you think Chuck James trade for Royals David DeJesus would be a good deal for the Atlanta Braves ?
Do you think the Falcons regret trading Schaub in light of the Vick situation?6marica2012-09-16 06:59:03
I think Matt Schaub is a better quarterback Joey Harrington Bobby Petrino unless you can work your magic.
Is e-currency trading still a good deal ?0Salman2012-08-21 06:55:03
E -currency trading made ​​a lot of money to some people a few years ago . Is it still a good deal? I question the small returns and would like to talk to someone who has done ( or is doing ) the current system .
Where can I get a good deal for trading in my games?3Alv2012-10-08 09:25:02
I want to trade in my Wii Guitar Hero stuff but I am afraid I won't get anything for it. I have heard that I shouldn't go to Gamestop because they will rip me off. However, I don't know where else to go. I will be trading in 2 guitars, GH3, and GH Aerosmith. They are all used.
Is trading a 97 integra gs for 94 240sx a good deal?2Rogan Anantharajh2012-10-16 16:59:02
Acura has a new engine , but I'm tired of it. the 240 has a new engine als , but with 100,000 miles, while Acura has 40,000. the 240 also comes with nice16 tire and a great system. sets and 240s ***
Trading Auto Carpet over 350 Headers, Is that a good deal?0Bradle2012-07-27 04:23:01
I have a '86 Monte Carlo SS , this person is trying to negotiate some 350 headed for my new carpet in Monte Carlo .. So a good deal? Please help !
Is this a good deal? Trading in an Altima for a 2011 Sentra lease...?0mrsweetlaeh2012-08-22 13:38:02
I bought a 2002 Nissan Altima 8 months ago for $ 8750. Since then , the engine light has come on 4 times . This last time he emerged as the replacement catalytic converter you need, which was quoted to me at $ 2000. The dealer gave me the option of negotiating to do a college graduate lease -purchase of a 2011 Nissan Sentra SR . The deal would be $ 150 a month for 39 months , 15,000 miles per year , with a $ 2,500 back to me . This deal also includes all taxes , registration fees, etc. - without additional charges . Is this a good deal or should I shop around elsewhere? Thank you !
Do you think trading an Acura Cl 2.3 for a Honda Civic Hatchback is a good deal?1anjan2012-09-27 17:29:03
Do you think trading my Acura Cl 2.3 stock for Honda Civic Hatchback DX with some custimizations is a good deal? MedlinePlus Please reach me soon
Is trading Liege of the Tangle for Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar a good deal?0marymac2012-07-27 21:40:00
I recently acquired mythic rare card Liege of the Tangle . My friend told me he would give me a Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar 2011 Core card game . Actually I have no use for Legie of the Tangle , as I am but a straight red deck , and Chandra seems to be very decent for my red deck . I just want to know if I'm getting ripped off or not.
Is Trading an env2 and $100 cash for a blackberry storm on craigslist a good deal?0Ms.Ellis2012-07-24 14:55:02
So im buying a blackberry storm of craigslist, im trading a new env2 and $100 cash, i was wondering how do i activate it once i get it becasue its my replacement phone for my old env2 and i dont know what im doing. does that sound like a good trade?

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