Do you think Atlanta made a good deal trading Schaub?

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Asked at 2012-07-21 13:38:01
In my opinion this deal made the Falcons a whole lot better I think this was a great deal for the Falcons. If they stay where they are and pick eighth they are guaranteed to get Landry the safety from LSU, whom the Dolphins covet at the ninth pick. Also, they might be able to package picks to move up to the #2 spot and nab Calvin Johnson the hometown boy to become a dynamic weapon for Michael Vick. Great deal for the Falcons in so many ways; in fact, I feel this may go down as one of the all time steals if the Falcons play it right.
Answer1ScoleAnswered at 2012-07-21 15:00:03
In a word ... great.

You can not evaluate a trade based on what develops later ( as with Favre ) If there remined in Atlanta, which has not developed as it did, but at the time of the operation, knew who he was.

So what will become Shaub is irrellevent this trade today.

What we have in the actual and potential picks to move up is incredible. Heck , we might even go down and get more choices.

There is a negative side of this.

All I Vick haters ... overcome their disappointment about the records and trying Falcons Team scapegoat one player as the cause.

Football is the sport -oriented most of the equipment out there. No player is going to throw all the weight and reach a Super Bowl and win. Ask Dan Marino, Daunte Culpepper and other great quarterbacks who never came. Heck, even if the jury is still out , Drew Brees and ask such eagles quarterback.

You may be disappointed with the results of general equipment (record) , but do not take it personally guys.
Answer2appleAnswered at 2012-07-24 06:44:02
It was a good move , since Schaub would have lost next year without compensation. So you have nothing to lose. Of couse now stuck with Vick. Who will hold the team back until they find a true quarterback .
Answer3AntonyAnswered at 2012-07-27 18:17:00
Of course I do . They got rid of a QB backup overrated , but I overcompensated for it. The Falcons should be prosecuted for it. reaching up in the project, obtain additional selections for a player who never won an NFL game as a starter and completed 60% of his passes and has a 1:01 dubios TD INT ratio . All this talk about "inside " and "potential" is nonsense. The Texans screwed again and the Falcons emerged as bandits. Schaub is not an upgrade over David Carr, is a downgrade .
Answer4Identify one environmental factor that causes ill health & dAnswered at 2012-08-06 04:23:01
The Hawks have the better end of the deal thats for sure. For those who said Vick trade, would still have to pay part of his salary of $ 100 million, though he was on another computer. All 3 choices of Texans gave the Falcons will be used to make any headlines in the NFL. Vick is the Falcons knew his man and got the most out of Schaub of the Texans.
Answer5JeremAnswered at 2012-08-09 10:18:48
I think it all depends on what they do with the selections. Being someone who saw the whole Petrino tenure in Louisville and know their offense centers on a successful launch quarterback , they need to pick up a backup quarterback relatively decent , it will be there in case Vick is unsuccessful. And the risk of running with him as he does , of course , puts you at even greater risk of injury. So we definitely need to fill that place as soon as possible. If they do could be putting themselves in trouble on the road.

And they do not move to position # 2, there are other teams with too much money and better prospects to offer to make the choice ..... If the Lions, in fact, decide to negotiate at all.

I think if the Falcons were smart they would choose a young guy like Drew Stanton of Michigan State in the project. It's a guy who can shoot from the pocket and with some development could make a very good NFL QB. They also have to work on your reception center ( Joe Horn is good for motivation , but he is getting there in years), and filling some points on defense.

So for them it's all about the capitalization of its profits from the operation. Or you can make it big or plan to spend some time at the bottom of the NFC South.
Answer6LiathAnswered at 2012-08-24 13:25:02
Sure . They have obviously decided to stick with Vick and why not negotiate and get something for him rather than lose him at the end of this season . Do not think I could afford as a free agent . Guess we'll have to wait until the end of the season to see if the new coach and Vick "mesh " and make things happen . I guarantee that if you have a losing season or not make the playoffs people will start screaming that it was wrong to get rid of him .
Answer7percy bysshe shelleyAnswered at 2012-08-30 11:37:05
All Falcons really did was change first round picks with Houston and won two second-round picks . Big deal . It's nothing to brag about really.
Answer8PeytonAnswered at 2012-09-16 13:54:04
Adam C must be in something . That trade was a good trade for their part , with a peak eighth this year could produce many other players that could not have been her at 10, and Matt Schaub is not overrated , michael vick , in just two starts Schaub has been fired twice, the Falcons o-line is one of the best so it was not because of them , and enter Receivers always aspire atlanta , Ashley Lelie - and sucked , and Joe Horn is old and will retire soon from all modes so you can not really expect much . They also have a large backip in D.J. Shockley of Georgia having a phenomenal year with the dawgs . plus it 's not his fault his receivers are injured or rookies can not expect 1,000 yards receiving rookie that's crazy . With this trade can become a dominant team in the postseason with peaks chosen wisely . It is overrated , he uses his legs to get yards and receives praise for it , is because , not many quarterbacks are as mobile and as fast as Vick and he can not trust their decoders wide to catch anything other than Crumpler and hes covered by db robbed of their yards after the catch ability , deserves all the praise he receives for being a good quarterback and still getting used to the west Coast offense , which is mostly stay in the pocket and death , which is not exactly used also , to say the least .
Answer9armandoAnswered at 2012-09-25 04:51:02
It's too early to say. It depends on how well it be Matt . It also depends on how they spend their draft picks . Just off the top of my head I think the Falcons got the better deal. But if Matt S. have a good year and then hitting Vick Falcon fans are those who mourn . Wait a year. Maybe even three years . Only time will tell.
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