Western painting: a boy playing on the ground the good old days

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Western painting : a child playing on the floor for a while the paint is a larger size paper , printed above conquest, the Eight Immortals , Transformers and dinosaurs and other serial number Alexei express history . Cut into each painting, Western painting called . At that time, while enjoying Western painting, Western painting collection , but also come with an extra set , the game of foreign paintings , so the increase in Western painting is the time. Overall, foreign works placed on the floor , take turns using the palm shoot , or shoot with the painting of the Western Western painting , turned to fire. At that time his playmates often heard shouting , "Who told me to shoot exterior painting , I quickly follow . Not shoot with my foreign films that do not have" Yanghua1.jpg (0 bytes ) Downloads :. 02,007 -4 to 2610 : 05
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Oh , a boy I love these things. If hands are also partners for sugar,ah, as Chao Zuoye
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