Buy decorate material to want to be bored with of what “ cat notice ” ?

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Buy material for decorating wants to be bored by what " message" cat?
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The "cat is bored with the purchase of a family to decorate a lot more material, the defense of its people avoid air" deep. Business of a construction material is of a few of a large amount of material, such as central heating, painting emulsioni, ceramic tiles, planks and wooden floor, take poor quality, cut two short wait jin method, come obtain ill-gotten wealth. Nearly every decoration "of" an experienced person has found a material issue in the decorating a few more or less, the "trap" that his mediocre looks also has a bunch of guys. The main call is taken, current, is the street edge material now buys almost every company called integrated trim deserve to send, but the company trim a few bars liars in force, by a real part can not be achieved not at all unified purchase and deserve to send, to comply with the requirement that the tripartite as similar household market does not accept back into the process in the contract on the other hand, which deserves to send the materials processing, more for the working section chief proper motion is each owner to buy material, section chief will not build normal market rate of materials, and the inn is little of the road many options, since the price cheap, can take certain sales commissions again. Collaborate with the forces of the interior from the exterior is commonly consumed in the stand or fall decoration material is mainly dilettante, usually want to decorate the workforce to accompany the purchase. "It takes break break tired" owner of a few are "experienced" decorate with the working method commonly used to comply with normally very "is in charge of" owner of the land that accompanies a serious need to support a low Market Data ride, but is not to say that quality is bad, that the price has to say is cheating. Some come down when the owner has run out, decorate the work must meet credit recommend a few ", while recommending credit is better than a few", while the businessman, "about the quality material nature is not a problem, the price is satisfactory, but often sent items are to be transferred to wrap now. Just imagine, decorate a worker can still get them the 5% - Chop 15%. In poor quality coating, largest plates in the desire to be easier to make this an issue. If the mass indicated on the contract to paint a good brand emulsioni old, but if, for the adornment of the company buys on behalf of SB, so that staff plays in the construction equipment power lacquer lesser-known brand and lower gain pot a few children of famous brand lacquer , cross symbolisticly look over jet plane began to consumers. Or a construction worker and owner of go hand in hand with building materials market to purchase, after bringing back the bucket waiting decorated lacquer work, reoccupy workers is false that the product is replaced, sell high-grade paint that comes in secret or transfer from another construction site for use. householder Because it is impossible for 24 hours are parked on the site construction, the group of illegal constructions always used. Wait as ceramic tile, also what the employer is the consumer is first class product, obviously, and it takes the goods are second-class tested, if the consumer does not have a care, deceiving calculation to arrive at a standard. Or, if the brand is first-class products, the data collected within is changed at the beginning of second class tested. Jerry Overall, water and electricity projects belongs to take cover engineering, is the owner of the easiest to fool. When set metope electrical wiring, pressing a control is the installation of electrical wiring ducts first, cables back to say, the craft is relatively annoying. When you save a company motif to be economical, often pulling electrical wiring directly, come so, whether the electrical wiring burned integument produces meaning, metope whole tip had to be destroyed first wiring time when the return, the result cans be imagined.
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