SMH All Laker fans:(?

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well I had to do this as I am a laker fan my self Lakers fans are like a planet. shell there are 5 of the Lakers fans let me explain .

Shell 5 -
up fans of the band of the car dont care dont watch play for the team and only the root of them. and have no knowledge of basketball

shell 4 -
Lakers fans who know a little about the team and go for them because of winning and , finally , talk about a lot of junk

Shell 3 -
( The worst fans ) know what's up with the team and the statistics like the team, but to invent things and garbage for stupid for example, Dwight Howard for trade and Bynum are your favorite team and , finally , fighting all other rubbish and trash talk more

Shell 2 -
fans who love their team for their team, even in a bad season and think about what is best for his team , now and in future they do not talk trash that was just defending his team

shell 1 - Lakers better and finer than Lakers fans do not talk trash to worry about the other are simply all the Lakers to the best knowledge and think about what is best for them

what is personally important boarderline shell 2.1 shell
Answer1KemilyAnswered at 2012-08-16 16:43:02
Im shell 2
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