What other teams got a call from Oakland about trading Randy Moss?

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Brandon jones
Asked at 2012-07-21 07:16:02
Although anybody who pays attention to football and not media hype knew this was going to happen, it seems abundantly clear that Randy Moss was well worth a fourth round draft pick and a $3 million salary. Did any other team receive this offer? I heard talk that he wanted to play with a Super Bowl contender, so did Oakland call San Diego, Pittsburgh, Indy, or any other team?
Answer1KARELIN GONZALEZAnswered at 2012-08-13 08:56:03
If the Packers were also interested in Randy Moss. The Raiders would prefer to download Moss to Green Bay to keep it out of the AFC. But the Packers , Ted Thompson , general manager thought that a fourth- round pick was too so unfortunately did not trade . So far , Moss has been playing very well and the Patriots got a steal.
Answer2lupupaAnswered at 2012-08-13 09:42:03
reportably the only 2 teams in the fog of trading Moss was the Packers and Patriots . The reason it did not work in GB was for several reasons: Ted Thompson prefers draft picks and do not like to bring expensive free agents or traded players , Moss would have a higher salary in GB , fans had mixed feelings about Moss in GB , the Packers thought it was too much of a risk. Everything went better in the northeast of Moss, as he knew it would take a pay cut . no particular player in the NE that has a high salary that covers most of the cap space , allowing NE to thrive with such talent . NE at that time was thought to be a bigger competitor in the Super Bowl then GB , he was inclined to Moss playing the NE. the other NFL teams do not want to risk and pay his salary.
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