I was cheated. Orders of giving money to the. The seller is not asked to address offline. How to do?. Are not deceived? related questions

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I was cheated. Orders of giving money to the. The seller is not asked to address offline. How to do?. Are not deceived?0Jeffre2012-07-21 03:35:01
Direct payment on a good business, the seller must meet a certain amount before the shipment, payment before the seller has agreed, feeling cheated, and ask how do I do now1? Small fool 〆2012-04-05 23:29:04
Direct payment at a good deal, the seller must meet a certain amount before sending payment before the seller has agreed, feeling cheated , and ask how I can do now
Not required to pay the seller Po, orders pay a 30% deposit, the company arranged the production of goods and well, to inform you pay the balance 70%1Kelly T 2012-05-06 19:31:03
I mean the door of a factory business , I asked to use Paypal, the caller said , no use of Alipay. 30% of orders for payment of a deposit that the production company, goods, and to inform you pay 70% of the balance. This ensures that quality? How to deal with the problems?
Someone recently asked me to invest money in FORREX trading. What exactly is this?1mathpleashelp2012-08-01 20:44:53
Other investments with low risks. Foreign currency trading. Bonds.
I am looking to invest money. Where can I find what sectors are giving the highest returns?0college student2012-07-31 09:51:55
Is it the constrcution industry - building houses ? 100% returns? Is it the stock market? Is it forex trading?
Did not use Paypal, a money exchange, "the seller" not how to do delivery? Can recover the money come?1gorilla2012-04-15 22:41:55
I am 12 this month, Ali here in the offer of a seller of fancy name, full of this store: large doll layer (Shenzhen) Sales Co., Ltd. Contact: Yuan one. I like the products, and spoke to him about the issue of payment, called directly to our account, not through the payment of a treasure. At that time were opposed, and asked why not through Paypal said it is the corporations that the goods to be friendly with the money they send an invoice after the note is sent to the ship can not you must pay first, and corporations need capital, unlike the self-employed, with the words can not Alipay rotation time, the pressure will be relatively large. In fact, both do not think he was doing, but it was his "sources" are attracted by the curious coincidence to believe him, but after a post-harvest, there is still a mind, only two with him to the layer, because did not refer to him before, do not worry another treasure without paying, the last executed a total of two layers of 320 dollars to your bank account transfer, the account number is 6228 ******* 1218, ABC, username Zhang Ying, Yuan said that one of your finances. I was raised to me said after the delivery and manifest my EMS number, so you can check the same day he said he did not know that gives me the next day, so the next day, I asked about the Internet, said that on the night. Another night I asked him when he flew off the assembly line. I realize I may be deceived, so call in the past, stop, call, incidentally, can not access, keep fighting, do not pick played the last beat of his own back, and after 14 years with me goods must be prepared to not think, and insisted that the number shown, said the Ministry of delivery in the afternoon to work with him is not at the same time, I said, you can call and say, oh , Ken insisted, he finally said that if not today, then come to me and then I hung up the phone. I was there a trace of imagination, I believe, thinking that a good man in this world, after all, many innocent people should not, who knows one day or anything (I was in Guangxi, and Shenzhen, not far from here, to express the general power to 3 days). To wait until today, I came to your mobile phone (1501 **** 478) is off all day, online has gone forever. I want my money has been that the probabilities. I want to ask a situation that could get my money up, but only 300 units, but they are all hard-earned money! ! ! It is able to retrieve it, the discussion Xiangshui? Why not let Ali through the verification of any fraud in the free online publishing false information to deceive people hard earned money? !
After I pay the money the seller is not how to do shipping0ezabai2012-07-24 23:08:02
I can not get a refund from the seller the money (I'm VIP buyer) Help me!3Alge2012-08-20 03:39:02
Order Number: 1004659147 The seller sends the packet to another city. I want my money. Help me !
is it safe to sent money with paypal to these seller3Debbie2012-11-02 19:42:02
I decide to buy glass beads TRADING COMPANY company Yiyu Yiyuan . Tobay I received the message : Please send payment to our PayPal yiwu137163.com After payment, please let me know. Most importantly , do not forget to send me your exact address and phone number . order
Encounter the bilk on the net, was cheated how should money do1gavial2012-04-24 23:34:10
Order goods on the network, the product quality is very bad , pure belong to defraud
I bought a card and asked the site you want to punch in the money. Why do I not get board. User name Password does not say that I am. When I play the game can go in,1Zona2012-05-28 19:51:13
Type Yes I'm sure, tried N times. Meet, talk , thanks
I gave money to the seller bank account but he has not shipped, how to investigate? Should report it?1Megan2012-05-27 19:14:21
I gave the money to the seller 's bank account , but has not been sent, how to investigate ? Where to report? I used this site before he devoted himself to the goods, with a total of more than two thousand yuan, but now I can not go to the site and could not find him . http://uyoppi.cn.alibaba.com/athena/offerlist/uyoppi-sale-1-true-3904348.html V ~ ~ Please help !

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