Wood flooring bamboo flooring and general What is the difference. Thank you

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Wood flooring bamboo flooring and general What is the difference. Thank you
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Building materials now on the market many types of flooring to choose from, both traditional hardwood floors, some 90 years after the sudden appearance of laminate flooring, and in recent years from a family of solid parquet wood floors derived . Bamboo flooring is also developed in recent years a new type of bamboo flooring and wood. This soil type characteristic decoration of the room play a leadership role. Beautiful natural wood floors, comfortable, good insulation is hardwood floors highlight the strengths, complex flooring installation, hardwood is also easy to distort the obvious deficiencies. Solid wood floor in the market today there are many, but the most used in the decoration in the production of technical requirements for a floor of the mouth of the most global company. Because solid wood flooring is completely transformation of natural wood, so I decided to hardwood flooring is the main factor in the price of materials. Because different species of wood, the price difference is very large. High-end solid wood floors are rosewood, teak, popular ash, oak, maple, low-end of a fir, pine, etc.. The decorative surface materials in recent years, largely dominated by hardwood floors, with the protection of forest resources of human consciousness, the recent dominance of solid wood floor has been badly affected, laminate flooring has been replaced by a great tendency. Parquet floors originated in Europe, is the replacement of hardwood flooring. Parquet can be divided into three floors of solid wood, engineered wood flooring, flooring woodwork three categories. Three-layer solid wood parquet floor of the advantages of both regular and can effectively adjust the internal stress between the wood and wood moisture improved with the seasonal changes in the deformation of large defects. Multi-layer plywood parquet is a multi-layer to the substrate surface for adhesive use of precious hardwood hot plate composed of the table. Wood Flooring is a fine wood board as a substrate layer, with species of hardwood trees such as the surface formed by hot-pressing machine. Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring laminate flooring because of its economic use of timber resources and are not beautiful and elegant, the color varieties, resistant to wear and easy maintenance, easy installation and many other features, adapted to modern fast convenient and easy pace of life, most consumers. Laminate flooring has a broad market prospect is a new type of material surface decoration. Bamboo flooring surface floors beautiful and elegant, comfortable, is a bamboo and wood, reducing wood consumption ideal decoration material. Using materials can be divided into full bamboo floors and bamboo flooring. All bamboo flooring is made of bamboo. Bamboo flooring panels are generally made of bamboo, the heart and the bottom plate of wood or plywood. Colors can be divided by the carbonized bamboo flooring subfloor and the color of bamboo floors.
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