Nuojiya N70 mobile phone stores card related questions

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Nuojiya N70 mobile phone stores card0Aq2012-07-21 01:54:02
N70 mobile phone puts you in Nuojiya media to store 128MB card can be used , but the change RS- MMC512 get caught you can not use yet ( installation problem does not exist ) what the reason is this?
Does business affairs mobile phone have Nuojiya what? ? ? Function how?1North Korea2012-05-24 06:11:48
Do mobile business with Nuojiya what? ? ? Depending on which way?
How did the mobile phone password of 8800S forget Nuojiya to do?1Lawrenc2012-04-17 09:45:21
The mobile phone is bought soon , what the search was now less than the method can find a code
Nuojiya N85 switchs on the mobile phone does need set time afresh1Kathleen2012-07-02 01:06:02
N85 Nuojiya switchs on the mobile phone is necessary to reconfigure the time
Nuojiya the Xm at the back of mobile phone model what meaning?0Delneisha2012-07-24 01:44:04
Excuse me Nuojiya which have 6233 Chengdu sell? This mobile phone how ah?5Nancy2015-04-16 18:52:15
Sorry Nuojiya with Chengdu selling 6233 ? This mobile phone as ah?
Does in Nuojiya brand shop buy a mobile phone to should not have face-lifting opportunity?1love her2012-04-28 07:51:59
Does the store brand Nuojiya buy a mobile phone should not have a chance to face lift ? Remember that seemed to be able to enter a code for the time to examine , but if the brush machine , inside it was time to communicate it? Is that new to mix the same?
Had used Nuojiya the friend of 7200, talk about you to be opposite please the view of this mobile phone1shan2012-09-29 10:59:02
Buy a mobile phone, want to buy 2500 yuan of the following mobile phones want like element tall, pat photograph clarity, can insert SD card.1Singapore2012-06-21 08:56:12
Buy a mobile phone , wants to buy 2,500 yuan of the following mobile phones want as a tall, clear picture Pat , you can insert the SD card.
If you go to mobile phones lost the hall re-submit a card, the original card text messages and phone numbers still do1Mabeuf2012-07-31 15:42:55
Phone lost, if a card to move the hall re-submit the original card text messages and phone numbers still do, please master Detailed, thank you!
Nuojiya series of mobile phone N and E series the sort of good1Cleva2012-02-09 22:14:39
The advantage of these two types of sets and detailed failure ie dry
Card of which kinds of mobile phone is appropriate?1Christy2012-05-27 18:32:01
What type of card is the right mobile phone ?

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