If I buy 450k shares of a stock that has an average trading volume of 30k or less will the price rise? related questions

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If I buy 450k shares of a stock that has an average trading volume of 30k or less will the price rise?0Leondra2012-07-21 00:58:01
If I buy 450K shares of a population that has an average trading volume of 30k or less , rising prices?
What average volume of shares traded makes you comfortable about trading a stock so that you feel confident yo0aliyu2012-08-20 23:19:01
u will get a fair deal in a buy / sell situation ? Is there a price per share and market capitalization or trying to maintain too? How long the company has been trading in the index ( s) ?
What does it mean to investors when a stock is trading well below its average volume?1jeng2012-07-02 05:50:02
What does it mean for investors when a stock is trading well below the average volume?
In Stock Market, what is the Mathematical Relationship between Volume(# of shares traded) & Price Movement?0Yaneth2012-09-20 16:14:03
insight into " Simple" Technical Analysis , please ..... with only the first volume vs price movements .
Volume/average volume stock?1ISABELA2012-09-20 04:15:03
So I was looking at the most actively traded share , and realized that the volume average is higher than the total volume of stocks. Google Finance defines as "Volume / average volume Volume is the number of shares traded on the day of late trading . The average volume is measured in 30 days " . eg SQQQ Vol / media. 896,284.00 / 917,737.00 So my question is how is possible unless they reduced the amount of shares in the last 30 days, and the average has not had time to catch up. I thought I may have this wrong. could someone please shed some light on this. Thank you.
In equity valuation, how closely related is the volume of shares traded to the movement of a stock price?0cant say2012-08-04 01:11:50
Also, if a stock is overbought or oversold, why would that effect a stock price? Thanks!
A stock with a B-A spread of .08-.025 volume of 20,000 stops trading at 11am, and at 2pm I buy 30,000 shares?0Cha2012-09-14 08:00:02
would close the spread BA make a higher volume and what would that change in share price
How to find stock trading price from open, high, low, and close price and volume?1hOrNy deViL 2012-09-16 23:09:03
How to find the price of previous trading stocks open high low and close prices along with the volume? needed for the weekly reading . monthly and yearly high and low price? Which way to trade? pl let me know the method of calculation.
How calculate Daily Average Trading Volume?0Melita2012-07-14 20:26:02
pls Anybody teach me. how calculate daily average trading volume For example. NIFTY FUTURE
Trading stock options: price, volume, expiration... etc?0 gentle into injury つ -2012-09-24 06:56:02
I am new to options trading and have some basic questions . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. If a put of 0.15 , which means it is 15 cents for the contract put / call 100 shares right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. If I buy 10 contracts of 0.15 , how much will that cost order? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. I know that the options can be traded before maturity , however , what is the volume like ? In a small cap , you see significant movement [3 % + ] in favor of my choice , I will be able to download that day I look ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. I'm looking for a string of options to SNDK today. The call $ 52.5 Nov-06 last operation was 0.50 cents, with a current volume of 619. Does that mean that only $ 309.5 was negotiated in this option today? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks to all !
What is the minimum Average day trading volume for placing safely small market orders (100-500 vol)?0Hardy2012-10-03 11:43:27
What is the minimum trading volume noon to place market orders safely small (100-500 v) ?
If a stock has a low volume then starts trading at approximately 10 times this volume steadily Whats happening?1Andrew D2012-08-14 10:52:36

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