I have some trouble with my Pokemon team to battle with elite four? related questions

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I have some trouble with my Pokemon team to battle with elite four?1yu2012-08-18 04:05:02
It's my team: Serperior lv 55 Charizard lv 55(trade) Lucario lv 53 Kingdra lv 50 Garchomp lv 54 Victini lv 53 It's is too bad? I need some help
Pokemon Yellow Version Team For Elite Four?1Jerom2012-10-16 07:09:01
I just started playing Pokemon Yellow again and wondered what Pokémon are considered the best when it comes to fighting the Elite Four . I have five Pokemon and am currently looking for sixth to complete my team . My team consists of Aerodactyl ( Wing Attack , Take Down - later to become Hyper Beam, Bite , Fly ) , Tauros (Earthquake , Body Slam , Strength , Rest ) , Ninetales ( Flamethrower , Quick Attack , Confuse Ray , Fire Spin ) , Starmie (Ice Beam, Psychic , Recover , Surf ) and Jolteon ( Thunder Wave , Thunderbolt , Pin missile , Swift ) . All Pokémon are level 49 . Upgrades to my current Pokemon and new Pokemon suggestions are more than welcome . I do not use cheats / bugs and I'm playing on my laptop for trade is not an option . Again, this is to fight the Elite Four , fighting uncompetitive . All comments are suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Battle the greatest pokemon trainer ever now!!!! heres my freind code (pokemon heartgold)?0REALLY NEED HELP!!!!2012-07-29 22:16:02
I've done it 4 times and have had no answers ..... I have fought many coaches and have never beeen defeated ..... I really am the best pokemon trainer ... to see if I can win ! ! had a man try to tell me to bother fighting cus probably use a little brighter , the most stat .... but really did not. I know that a CUS of them has a reallly sp.def weak ... the only trick that was used to get pokemon that were not available in this game. as one of the other owners ... and I used the 99x of all items and Pokéballs cheat ... but I did it so you can negotiate things to people ! so here's my freind code , plz post yours and we will battle or trade! I am looking for freinds . see if you can beat the last master of pokemon without using tricks to make your Pokemon stronger! .... 0691 1038 7137 ...... and here is my email so you can email me if you want to battle or trade ...... [email protected] ....
Pokemon dimond battle with rare pokemon and pal pad?0.zakiyya2012-08-06 12:43:03
I want pokemon rare in the global trading station , but I have not seen them, so January 1 wana battle so you can get, i meen like Deoxys Pokémon , Mew, kiogure groudown , the 4 régies ( gigis ice rock , n steel), but if I can I prefer mew Deoxys . n so you can c all the rare pokemon u have if I can not defeet or atleast go through all ur pokemon i will also like 2 ca Munchlax . 4ppl also playing with sharks , n repetitions of action or whether it would be kind enough 2 get b n rare pokemon 4 pokemon swap me wingul week ect ... mine just tell me ur friend code is 0430 5901 6440
Best team to beat the Elite Four in FireRed?0Stressed2012-09-22 06:15:02
My team right now is : MedlinePlus Level 38 Venusaur MedlinePlus Level 39 Pikachu MedlinePlus Level 34 Growlithe MedlinePlus Level 35 Gyrados MedlinePlus Level 35 Haunter MedlinePlus Level 37 Pidgeot MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Obviously , I need a lot of training , still has two gyms to go . I was wondering what would be the best team to beat the Elite Four types and what you need. You can not negotiate and I'm willing to catch the legendary birds , cheers . Ace .
How do i beat the elite 4 in pokemon diamond without having to level up my pokemon?2jim bean2012-09-18 10:33:03
yes, I know my pokemon chest but I have no time to stabilize at the time . I'll post my pokemon , levels and movements . What is the best way to beat the elite 4 with the following ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Uxie lvl.53 MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus confusion MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extrasensory Yawn MedlinePlus Charge Beam MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 58 Azelf MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus confusion MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Future Sight Shadow Ball MedlinePlus MedlinePlus extrasensory MedlinePlus lvl . 49 MedlinePlus Dialga MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus force cut MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AncientPower Roar of Time ( I know I messed teach HM ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 45 Infernape MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fire Card Fire Spin MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Flame Wheel MedlinePlus flamethrower MedlinePlus lvl . 41 Azumarill MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus blizzard MedlinePlus Surf MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Waterfall Rock Smash MedlinePlus MedlinePlus lvl . 41 Lucario MedlinePlus Movements : MedlinePlus Aura Sphere MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Me First MedlinePlus Rock Climb reversal MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( Lucario fainted , but I saved before I used all my revives Lucario what if I need , but I would say they must make Infernape , Dialga or fainting ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh, and if I have to negotiate GTS I have no phone or a USB DS , so I can not . and I have no time to level my pokemon so please tell me the best with what I have .
Does anybody want to battle on Pokemon on the DS WiFi?0ALLIE2012-09-24 22:56:02
I have some Pokemon WiFi battles , and it would be great to play online against other people's Pokémon . MedlinePlus Please leave your Poke code here so I can add to my list of friends on WiFi ! My code is 3523 8266 5866 MedlinePlus Also visit pokemonworld.sm4.biz / which is a nice Pokemon site where users can organize battles , trades and eachothers share techniques and Pokemon teams .
How come I can't battle any of my friends in Pokemon Black?0bekka2012-10-03 22:18:02
I have a problem fighting all my friends in Pokemon Black ( Not to be confused with Pokemon Black 2) . Yes , we have recorded each of the other codes in the mutual friend Pal Pad. Yes , I go to the middle lady on the top floor of the Pokemon Center . Both of our connections are good , we both have green bars and wireless high speed internet . When I enter the room , I see my friend . I go to the screen in the press room and A. select Battle. Then select Confirm . Then my friend tells me , and says that communicate with me . Then says he did not respond . We also tested the opposite. We have also tried simply talking to each other , and says "Contacting ... " until it says it failed. This has happened with all the people who have tried to battle or trade with , it's like ... 5 people.
A place to battle and trade pokemon....?1DaLoris2014-12-03 23:20:02
I just made a forum just for this. Lately I have not found any active site , so I'll make my own. Since I just started not many on the site, but if it spreads through news fans of Pokémon , then we have a good site running . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://z13.invisionfree.com/Pokemon_Glob
Would anyone like to trade/battle on Pokemon black?2Naeem2012-09-11 21:38:04
4513-2649-8150 black version
How come I can't battle any of my friends in Pokemon Black?0Dawnai2012-07-26 10:13:02
I have a problem fighting all my friends in Pokemon Black (Not to be confused with Pokemon Black 2). Itself have been recorded each friend codes in each of other Pal Pad. Yes, I go to the middle lady on the top floor of Pokémon Center . My wifi connection is fine. When I enter the room , I see my friend. I'm going to screen in the newsroom and A. select battle. Then select confirm. Then my friend tells me , and says that they are communicating with me. Then he says that has not responded . We also tested the opposite. We have also tried to just talk to each other , and says : "Communication with ..." until he says no. This has happened to all those who have tried to battle or trade , which is like ... 5 people.
Pokemon white battle subway help?0AMILCAR2012-07-04 18:23:02
I need help finding a third pokemon for my team im useing a Adamant Garcomp Earthquake,chomp,outrage,stone edge fully ev trained for attack,speed Timed Hydreigon surf,flamethrower,dragon pulse(need a 4th skill i don't have a second ds to trade over a pokemon with dark pulse sadly) ev's are speed and Special attack What do you think i should use for my third pokemon and is there anything i should change with the 2 pokemon i have now?

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