Pokemon white game sync?

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Asked at 2012-07-20 15:19:02
my pokemon white can do global trade and i can connect to the browser and all that, says i have a internet connection, it also told me the server was under matentince but any hour every day ive tried for 2 weeks i get error code 13204 and it sucks cause i just want to battle, now i have a WEP and WPA ive tried with both, no differance, but one last thing, i did use a action replay cause my dsi brocke after i spent FOREVER getting my awsome team together, i needed a new one and yes i am using a dsi, so please help and mabye we can battle some time
Answer1ezabaiAnswered at 2012-07-21 19:36:02
13204 = Nintendo known to have altered his game and never have access to the world of dreams ..... aka
complete Pokedex I think it could be the same problem. Sometimes, fake pokemon cheated by using a repeated action , the game can say that they are false and will not allow you to trade / battle with them / etc.

Try not to use fake pokemon and see if you can. If you let go , it's because of your pokemon hacked. If not, then try the following :

Solution: Reset the game by removing the original file saving by holding UP + B + Select ' while looking at the menu is Reshiram or Zekrom .
Too! To use the full pokedex AR code .... dont activate until after you receive your ID synchronization game , played in the dream world and captured its first pokemon DW in the Forest of main course!

Do not make the same mistake I did and use the action replay before earning his C-Gear/Game Sync ID

Take my advice and it works because I tried it , do not use AR CODES until synchronized game , if you receive error code 13204 its not because of high traffic is because Nintendo knows that he cheated, just restart the game and do not deceive you until after you have Synced gAME ! !
It took 3 mintues timing of the game, and mintures 4 to get into my pokemon and instantly access DW
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