Can i trade a 4th gen pokemon back from black and white to my SoulSilver, like my shiny Suicune? related questions

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Can i trade a 4th gen pokemon back from black and white to my SoulSilver, like my shiny Suicune?1Cori2012-08-18 08:28:28
I want to get the Shiny Suicune that was stolen from my SoulSilver by the relocater back into my SoulSilver from my Black. Once you get the National Pokedex in Black & White you should be able to trade 4th Gen Pokemon and before Pokemon back to Black & White.
Does anyone have a shiny eevee in pokemon heartgold/soulsilver or black and white?0stephanee2012-07-16 03:35:02
I really wanted one, and I was hoping that if someone wanted to change , just answer . I've seen some of the GTS, but why would they want to level 9 and legendary pokemon or fully developed? Just email me if you are willing to negotiate. [email protected] ~ ~ V
Does trading a pokemon back and forth (black/ white versions) reset its happiness, or will it be like before?0stacy2012-07-27 20:11:01
Do you have a pokemon trade round (available in black / white ) restore their happiness , or will be like before?
Anyone willing to trade shiny pokemon on Black Version?0Marianne2012-07-31 06:10:02
I really want a shiny Bulbasaur or Eevee cause their my favorite pokemon. I only have three shiny's so i dont know if anyone's willing to trade a shiny for a non-shiny pokemon but i got a lot of pokemon so maybe just maybe....
Can one trade pokemon from black and white to black and white 2?0kahlik2012-07-30 18:06:56
Can you negotiate in good time in the game? or have to wait until later in the game to the transfer machine ? thanks for your time :)
In pokemon black and white, can you get pokemon from heartgold/silver from the global trade?0Nemin2012-08-28 00:32:02
If you do not have two DS , but it's a monster Gen II , you can use the world trade to HeartGold / SoulSilver Pokémon , or need two DS and two games ?
How to trade pokemon with friend code in pokemon black and white ?1rusty trambone 2012-10-21 00:10:05
Please tell me how to trade with friend or do i need to pay money.
Would anyone be willing to trade me a starter pokemon from pokemon black/white?0cortnie2012-07-26 05:03:02
Snivy or Oshawott
Pokemon Black And White Trade?1Drummond2012-09-14 12:44:02
I need a modest basis litwick and ice IV to hidden , I know it's hard work, but I do not understand IV and I will give to anyone who can give me one legit darkrai event
How do you trade pokemon white to black?0Kit2012-09-19 13:47:09
im buying balck see this July to improve will raise my Emboar Tepig and trade ill trade my Tepig and white to remarket Patrat me ( I do not care if your Patrat ) so my blck will plss Snivy and teach me how to say Tepig trade?
Pokemon black and white trade?0fabiola moreno2012-07-23 02:41:01
Ok , so I have only my wifi working and now I'm trying to get a team I've always had in recent games. I am looking for a level 16 Kadabra , so it can start as an Alakazam and lvl him. I have not much and I just I wanted to capture Pokémon lol I have a level 70 Volcarona , a Reuniclus level 65 , 66 Ninetails , and 56 Archeops . or a level of 10 Pansear . I know a lot or they're not rare, but if you'd be willing to send their identification and once you can trade id appreciate it
Pokemon white and black trade?1Draco2012-09-30 12:28:02
I am looking for a boy and a girl both under Ralts traded Terrakion and Plusle and Minun or cobalion and my friend code is 2280 2501 4417 and my name is Alex

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