In my player 2k12 can you still get endorsements if you trade teams? related questions

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In my player 2k12 can you still get endorsements if you trade teams?0Kaylen2342012-07-20 08:53:02
i have a center who i traded from the trailblazers to the magic but i dont get anymore endorsements
Mlb 2k12 my player how to trade teams?6Liberty2015-10-30 23:57:44
i see the option to request trade in my player but its greyed out so i cant go to it. so i was wondering can you request a trade in my player? if so how do i do it.
Would you trade your teams best player for a younger player?2jackk2012-10-23 15:09:52
Let's say the player sophmore is a very good player . Not a bad player at all. But for some reason her out of no where GM sold their best player by a player who has not even shown what they can do in the future . I ask because I am apparently " Dumb " because I said I would not trade for Lidstrom Karlsson . Kind of irritated me because why Detroit rid of their best player , are the captain , when he is old , before retiring , for someone who might become a lucky 2-3 years. Sorry, only intrigues me guess lol . So you trade your best player from someone who could be the future of a team , but it's too early to tell ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Note that you can only realize Lidstrom have 1 more year in him .... but I'm still very confused about this.
When can I make player trade recommendations? NBA 2k12?0He Hate Me 2012-07-28 13:29:04
The 2K11 the team was going to say something along the lines of " you are the cornerstone of our organization" and ask players to follow ... Does this happen in 2k12 and so when ? Side note: I'm the best player on the team and my team is garbage ( the Cavs )
Is it possible for your team to trade for other players in my player for nba 2k12?0Aubrey2012-10-10 07:09:18
my player is on the kings and the rumor mill says that kings could make trade for JJ Redick . I know that does not mean it will happen , but it is possible that your team to trade for other players
NBA 2K12 Should I Change Teams?0dfsfd2012-07-20 15:49:02
This is for my player. I wrote 11 and I'm playing for Golden State Warriors . I am a point guard and I get 10.05 points per game. I looked at my operations, and the Orlando Magic want me to join their team. What should I do ? Should I stay with the Warriors or go to the Magic? This is for NBA 2K12 on the way. They have also played six games with the Warriors. We have won 4 and lost 2 . thanks
Help w/ 2k12 My Player?1Lallie2012-10-05 12:54:02
Im a 6'9 scoring small forward, and i got drafted to the Charlotte Bobcats. We are 2 and 12 but I average 28.7 ppg, 2.9 rpg, and 2.8 apg. I recently became a starter and we have still lost but by less. Do you think I should request a trade? Right now the Magic and Nets are interested in me. But I know with Dwight Howard i wont become the star player. Also, what should I upgrade on my attributes? Right now Im trying to upgrade my dunk. Its at 49 and my vertical at 55. Thanks
NBA 2k12 My Player Help?1October2012-11-05 19:19:01
I just signed a 4yr/52m dollar contract with the Spurs. But now I am looking to be traded. I just wanted to know if your contract stays with you if your traded or if you re-negotiate.
MLB 2K12 My Player Please Help?0miami2012-07-30 16:32:02
I'm on a team in that is not to good in MLB 2K12 My Player How long do I have to wait til be able to trade to another team? also I am a 98 overall in the game I think im in my 4th season.
NBA 2K12 My Player PG?0toad2012-07-12 23:22:01
i have a PG 6'3 and a 3pt specialist and i wanted to know what team should i trade to i got drafted by the Pacers and i dont like the Pacers because im from chicago lol so i wanted to know what team needs a good PG so i can get traded to? not these teams -Utah Jazz -Detroit Pistons -Bobcats -Hornets
Nba 2k12 my player:: Can u get traded?1Nandi2012-09-29 00:43:02
Like can the team send you away even if u never request it..
NBA 2k12 My Player Question?0yorkie162012-07-21 21:43:03
So Im a PG and I just got traded to the Bulls. I'm a 73 and I am starting over Rose (and he is the 6th man)...... Is there anyway to make it so one of us plays SG and the other plays PG????? I mean this is so dumb. I can't change my position to SG in edit.

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