Why will my DS WiFi Connection work for trading PKM on Pokemon Pearl, but it won't work for the underground? related questions

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Why will my DS WiFi Connection work for trading PKM on Pokemon Pearl, but it won't work for the underground?0desiray2012-07-20 05:54:02
I know my wifi connection works, because I can do the international trade, but every time I go to the underground, the connection box is always red, and I have never met anyone down there. :( I really have no idea why this is; the conditions are the same! Please help. @[email protected]
No$gba 2.6a does wifi or trading work for pokemon diamond. ?0Emelie2012-07-26 20:45:02
How does wifi trading work in pokemon platinum?1NIKE2012-08-14 10:18:02
I have a Nintendo DSi and the need to get a Snorlax . I do not know how to get one in platinum. I have no friends who have a Snorlax to give me . Could you explain how I can get one? WiFi trade is the answer? Thank you !
On pokemon Pearl, how does trading to people you do not know work?0Trex2012-10-13 23:27:53
In the past I have posted questions about capturing Pokémon and people have requested negotiate. I have no idea how it would work , and have never used Wi - Fi long distance before. Could someone please walk me through what you need to do , and explain how to negotiate with someone who does not know that would work ?
What are the best pokemon you can get in diamond and pearl w/o an action replay or wifi trading?0The Unpredictable 2012-07-05 05:18:01
I was very bored and went back in the game. but I forgot they were the best . I mean w / or repeated action , trade wifi and all that.
Does Ditto still work for breeding in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl ?0lalith2012-10-06 10:54:25
I've been trying to get an egg from my male Turtwig Torterra for trading , but Man Child Care and Ditto says do not get along . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it a coincidence , or is there another way for me to get an egg ?
My DS wifi for Pokemon diamond works in the global trade center but does not work wnywhere else. help?1Sung2015-07-29 22:24:39
Pokemon pearl wifi problems?0Nicodeme Kombet2012-09-09 17:04:08
So I have a wireless router that works and I entered the Nintendo WFC and succeeds the connection test . But when I go into the World Trade Center , will not let me connect . It just sits there for a minute trying to connect and it gives me an error message that says " Communication error . You have been disconnected from Nintendo Wi - Fi Connection. " He tried twice and connecting test 5 times . Please help ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus gts
Why wont my wi-fi work? [Pok0myst2012-10-20 12:28:09
I have not a wireless router , so I went to buy a small stick wi -fi has been working fine for trades and battles and what not but when I use the metro feature that always tells me wi - fi is not connected and what not. MedlinePlus I have also registered for the Global Trade Station , hoping that maybe having registered worldwide will help, but it is not. MedlinePlus Is there soemthing wrong with my game , or is the meter only works differently ?
Why wont your HBO now work?0marywillisus2020-07-24 22:18:06
Hi, If the issue is limited to a specific show, you'll want to get in contact with HBO. If that doesn't work, you'll want to reset your connection. Unplug your router/modem for a minute and then plug back in. ... If you still can't get by the service error, you'll want to get in touch with HBO.  HBOgo Com Activate  HBO Go Activate   
Disc three for ff13 wont work, can i still trade it in for the same game?0GaмeOver2012-07-24 14:38:02
I bought it preowned at gamestop and ive had for about a month plus idk where my reciept is xp but could i still get ff13 if i trade it in?
Why wont my DS get my wifi?1pinkpolkadots2012-09-08 11:16:03
I got all the DNS and SSID and IP address and that stuff but when im playing pokemon white it shows three bars but when i go to the global trade center it shows three bars and at the last second drops to zero bars after seeming fine. How can i get it to stay?

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