How can I play Magic Online (trading card game) for free? related questions

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How can I play Magic Online (trading card game) for free?0Adolp2012-07-19 22:22:01
What is a great online trading card game? Like Chaotic for example? Buy cards in store and play online!?0Mae2012-07-17 15:22:04
I want to be into a card game like that but not have to find someone to play in person
Is there a way to play yugioh trading card game online?1elias2012-08-02 11:28:52
Is there a site where i can play pokemon trading card game online against other people?0marinda2012-07-14 18:14:02
I would like to play the Pokemon TCG against real people with random decks. If you know of a site please tell me
Can someone recommend me a good/fun free online trading card game?0britt2012-07-10 09:31:47
I have been out of the trading card game scene since 2003, having played magic the gathering as well as the pokemon card game competitively. I'd like to have a trading card game fix once again but no longer willing to shelf out hundreds of dollars to enjoy playing so I turned to free online games. I tried and it was pretty good but still wondering if other online tcgs are better. Can someone recommend me other fun online tcgs?
Whats a really cool but still free online trading card game?0KP2012-07-09 15:21:02
Is there any How To Play Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Demo that allows you to play the game?0vid2012-07-24 10:06:03
I want to learn how to play the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Is there any demo that teaches you how to duel in Yu-Gi-Oh! where you can play on a computer? Please respond and tell me the website where you can practice duel on your computer. Thank You!
Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game?0yda2012-09-03 04:10:03
Does anyone know what is the best place online to sell Magic the Gathering cards , in terms of getting the best prices for their cards and be reliable ?
What is magic the the gathering trading card game?1brain2015-07-29 22:17:30
? ? ? I need detailed information on the U-shape to play in that sort of thing ?
When do you pay mana in magic the gathering trading card game?0sisca2012-07-13 06:16:01
i'm learning to play and wondering, when do lands get tapped? do you pay mana to lay a creature as well as attack? thanks in advance!
Trample and Magic The Gathering Trading Card Game?1jeian2012-07-17 09:51:02
My wife attacked me with a 12/12 tonight, in response I blocked it with 6 2/2 creatures. The 12/12 didn't have trample but yet everyone says my 6 2/2 creatures all died instead of just one because I chose to block with all of them. I haven't played Magic in a while, so is this a true statement as of the new rules or would it have to have trample to kill all 6 2/2 creatures?
What TCG or Trading Card Game should i play?0shakti2012-10-24 15:20:05
Sick of Yu - Gi - Oh and Pokemon and Star Wars Im tried Naruto . Open to any and all suggestions . PD has no interest in magic

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