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Lego Batman 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man?1Nesie2012-08-31 17:24:03
Hey there, I recently bought Prototype 2 only to find out that it sucked so much that I traded it in within 3 days. However, I still desire a super-hero game, and I see that Lego Batman 2 has recently been released, and with very positive reviews, minus the map layout. But, I see that The Amazing Spider Man is coming out next week, also looking quite good, as it has free roam and the graphics look quite nice. But, Beenox hasn't done a free roam spider man game in the past, and I as well as others are quite sceptical on if it will perform well, especially as webs don't attatch to buildings, and the web rush looks a bit distracting and silly, but the developers seem confident about it, and so it could be good. In short, which out of the two do you think I should purchase, and why? Many thanks, Ed.
If i trade in lego batman 2 to gamestop how much will i get?0Sat!2012-07-21 14:37:02
what is lego?1dormouse2011-12-28 20:06:31
what is lego ?
Lego Suppliers? which one1title noun2012-03-21 18:55:51
It has to have a look through lay providers , some of them are selling the larger sets that have been verified. Does anyone have recently suppliers to avoid or recommend? thanks
Why was Lego invented?1Everle2012-01-08 06:36:37
Why Lego was invented ?
Not thunder does not become mobile phone of mountain fastness of demon spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct to eliminate you on behalf of the moon!1Anse2012-01-31 05:51:02
You can not simply imitate, can overcome even. Mobile mountain fortress two years down "Thunder" for us, because mobile phone itself on the strength of mountains is not normative, but its core - MTK chip is almost the same yet so strong resistance mountain can study abroad, research strength only one distinctive feature. Then we saw a lot of mobile phone sound unique mountain - mountain stronghold of the fortress mountain bike racing, baby large head, the strength of razor mountain, mountain fortress blessed child. . . . . A few days after this phone most recent mountain fastness is also moving visual department, the old hero I also Hollywood - spider to an expert in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct. The figure is Sprint's C103 on any given night, a mystery outside of biology astral battle clothing invaded the spider to an expert in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct! Originally, the justice of the alternates, red, blue "spider", so the black for an instant change is bad, turn to the dark ... but above the red spider person that looks black is not very "authentic" color changes Cheng Gongla placement is more appropriate, but this mountain fortress manufacturer launched still evil "black spider person" gives us more options, the individual feels bright red devil and then the paragraph you want a little more handsome. The graph is Sprint C103, besides the spider machine is an expert in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, in addition, the connection of accessories is the wind throw comparative to impose the pattern of the spider an expert in martial arts and given to carry out largely gulesly chivalrous, do not be afraid not to grab an eye, be afraid that you dare not take! The graph is strong thunder Sprint C103 keypress! Key is the style of the spider web of a person skilled in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, as before, by pressing the keys is very compact, very good feeling believe yet. The image is 4 guys who came together to Sprint C103 with the graph later. Volume is still minor Dual Card Dual unexpectedly megaphone and wait! As for 4 spiders in the back cover, well, I think this is a mishit a calligraphy or painting, do you feel?
I am looking for lego star wars sets to trade?0Borjan2012-08-12 23:12:01
I have SoldierFront accounts to trade if anyone is interested.
Who would win - Batman or Superman?8Abbey(Please check)2015-07-18 19:46:08
In these scernios : 1 . Fight , who would win ? 2 . In a sewing contest . 3 . In running a small online business ? 4 . In a debate with all Presidential condidates world tea trade ? 5 . In filing their taxes . 6 . Finally , working through the unit at Burger King?
Should I trade Batman Arkham City for Uncharted 3?0nadha2012-11-06 03:27:48
already beaten both games. friend is asking to trade.
How much do you get if you trade in Batman Arkham City at gamestop?0Muhammad2012-10-25 23:01:26
How much can you get if you trade in Batman Arkham City at GameStop ?
Should I Trade Batman Arkham City for Max Payne 3?0Davud2012-07-27 13:15:02
Should I Trade Batman Arkham City for Max Payne 3?1inters2012-08-05 22:10:47
Should I Trade Batman Arkham City for Max Payne 3?

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