Lego Batman 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man?

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Asked at 2012-07-19 20:47:02
Hey there, I recently bought Prototype 2 only to find out that it sucked so much that I traded it in within 3 days. However, I still desire a super-hero game, and I see that Lego Batman 2 has recently been released, and with very positive reviews, minus the map layout. But, I see that The Amazing Spider Man is coming out next week, also looking quite good, as it has free roam and the graphics look quite nice. But, Beenox hasn't done a free roam spider man game in the past, and I as well as others are quite sceptical on if it will perform well, especially as webs don't attatch to buildings, and the web rush looks a bit distracting and silly, but the developers seem confident about it, and so it could be good. In short, which out of the two do you think I should purchase, and why?
Many thanks, Ed.
Answer1phillAnswered at 2012-08-31 17:24:03
this is a tough one , both award the bid replay value , batman 2 has more characters and vehicles for use in the world , but Spider-Man offers what appears to be a good dramatic story and solid fighting game personally i recommend playing the two , but maybe one later than the other.
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