Where can i find the gameboy emulator game, pokemon trading card game? related questions

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Where can i find the gameboy emulator game, pokemon trading card game?0ashvini2012-07-19 20:07:01
I have VisualBoyAdvance .
What was the collectible card inside The Pokemon Trading Card Game: The Video Game?0Hemlock Middle School2012-09-25 02:13:02
I just saw a video game for the Game Boy Advance called The Pokemon Trading Card Game . It is basically the same as the regular games , but comes with a limited edition Pokemon card . I tried searching Google it, but found nothing . If you own , what was the card?
On pokemon trading card game game boy how do i deafet chansey?0Willard2012-07-13 20:40:02
on the fire club
How to save the game in pokemon trading card game?0Athena2012-07-21 00:12:01
how to save ? I just could not save ... I played from the start by more than 3 times ... please help ...
If I download a 4th generation pokemon game using an virtual console/emulator, can I do wifi trading/battling?0For2012-07-10 00:22:07
I have a regular modem and a broadband connection so would it be possible to play over the net?
Where can I find the pokemon trading card game online?0Confuse person2012-08-02 10:17:02
So me and my boyfriend and his best friend picked up our old pokemon cards and decided to buy a few new cards and start playing again with the other. I want to play the actual card game , you know, but I found online. Is there a site where you can download the rules and how to play the card game and actually play ?
If I download a pokemon game on my nds r4 card will I be able to trade pokemons with a real pokemon game then?2Webbie2020-07-30 22:58:09
I am currently re-playing Pokemon Blue on Game Boy Emulator on my PC. how do i trade pokemon using emulators?0Binga2012-10-10 06:11:15
Are there applications / software that I can use ?
Pokemon for Gameboy advanced emulator?1Ferdinan2012-10-16 05:05:03
is there any possible way to link up to another person through usb on another computer that has the same emulator and game? i really want a couple of pokemon you can only get by trading or evolving.
How do I be a Pokemon Master of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and who is your favorite Pokemon??0jgb2012-08-30 03:51:03
This question is for Pokemon Trainers . How I can be a Master Pokémon Trading Card Game ? ? ? ? How to play the Pokémon TCG ? ? ? ? Because I 'm a rookie coach and won one and lost only 8! ! ! Who is your favorite Pokémon ? ? ? Mine is Pikachu ! ! Where I can go and study the rules online and find a Pokemon League which is near Davidson NC ? ? ? ? I'm going back to the Pokémon League in Fort Mill , SC , and need advice on winning the game . What is a Pokémon Power ? ? ? ? How to beat the elite 4 in Pokemon Fire Red ? ? ? ? One more thing . Can you find a nice picture and send it to [email protected] Pikachu ? ? ? Wish me luck ! ! Can you be my friend to teach me to play the Pokémon TCG ? ? ? ? ? Thanks for your helo! ! :)
In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, does a Pokemon keep its damage counters if it is returned to your hand?2Yunis2012-10-01 05:39:02
I have been a Shuppet and Fade Out, which states that the returns and all cards attached to it by my side. Do you still maintain their damage counters '?
In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, can benched pokemon attack?7Genevieve2017-12-29 18:16:14
Say, I have a Zekrom EX in play and a Miltank on the bench, and my Zekrom got hit for 20 damage. Can I use my Miltank's 'Healing Milk' to remove the damage counters? Or do I have to retreat my Zekrom, make my Miltank active, and THEN use it's power? (Healing Milk: Flip 2 coins. For each heads, remove 3 damage counters from 1 of your pokemon)

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