How to choose wood flooring?

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Kavya Tank
Asked at 2012-07-19 17:39:02
New home under renovation, going with the floor, I heard wood flooring is better, I ask how to buy wood flooring it? We know XDJM please speak. Thank you!
Answer1EEMANAnswered at 2012-07-28 03:24:02
Solid wood floor, with its many advantages increasingly favored by consumers, is available in the following three aspects to the selection of a fit for your wood floor. First, the quality product 1. The appearance of the floor mass 1) Select the soil surface for the light located on the ground and observe the surface without cracks, knots, needle, knot holes, rust and other defects, but for small slipknot, color, etc. can not be too demanding, because this is the natural property of wood. 2) The Selection hand painting quality painted plates and placed in the light on the ramp, looking at the face of the plate if the full uniform film, with or without bleeding and other waveforms. 3) Select the processing plant floor accuracy is directly affected by the imposition of quality, usually in the same box of five or more conveniently located in the glass on the table or floor on the ground, struck with tight tongue and groove, and then touch, the feel is smooth, sharp eyes and then if the angle of the groove and tongue, can not be too close, too close, because if slight increase in moisture during the installation, when combined with tongue and groove hard to match. 2. The intrinsic quality of the intrinsic quality of the plant is a key indicator of solid wood flooring is generally difficult to determine by touch and often use the test data show. 1) The moisture content of moisture is the main deformation conditions of the plant. Therefore, the choice should be near the local water content, this value is best measured by the determination. If you can not test, you can touch, feel great if Hu Hu, accurate, and stick some, this time in the high moisture content. 2) The formaldehyde emission of the indicator is relatively important indicator, usually determined by experiment, therefore, can be obtained from the test data for the operator, the method can also be simple and rough, which was opened a set of boxes, the floor removed, near the nose to the ground, smell the flavor, if a pungent odor to the smell of formaldehyde, the formaldehyde concentration in the air standard. In addition to several technical indicators, buy wood flooring glue is also necessary to refer to properties, modulus of elasticity and indicators of bending strength (may require companies to provide insight relevant certificate). Secondly, the style of product 1) product specifications, types of options are now on the market in general, have common specifications for hardwood and large size of the two. General specifications for the 910 127 15 mm deep in hardwood-based, large size is 1836 190 15 mm, mainly to three floors. Can resize the size and intensity of light to choose different specifications of the plant. Surface treatment is different style of parquet flooring, which can have a substantial number of surface treatment of style. There is a market popular series retro series common plane and two styles. Common plane and a series of solid wood floor, such as plain as the starting point. The series of retro style to be much more, in relative terms, a drawing style, a style of relief, landscape style, grabbing face style, the style and the other large chamfer plane. Unlike according to individual preferences and choose the style of decoration. The choice of species parquet style surface texture same or different species can be done in two main patterns and standards of style, pattern, according to their own personal preferences can also be selected. Third, the tone name 1) Species of choice: Species not in the same parquet floor will be different shades of color, the price will be very different from the poor. Such as the Canadian maple floor is only suitable for light colors, priced around 260 (the area of ​​2 mm), and class red wood mahogany, pitch dark, under the same general specifications price of 500 yuan. In addition, different species will be suitable for various weather conditions. The economic strength of individual visual texture and environmental preferences to select different species of solid wood composite. 2) Select the color of the soil: the soil to determine the color of the area should be based on the size of home furnishings, furniture, color, so the overall decorative style, depending on room size is large or light a good depth of color can match the soil, the small size of the dimly lit room, the floor is recommended to use bright colors, the visual would be more open, and make the room look brighter. Furniture optional neutral color when the color depth to reconcile, furniture, light color can use a warm floor. On the floor of the above three aspects of the overall consideration, combined with the soil of brand awareness, packaging and labeling, and service specifications for comparison, I think to be elected to a bed of roses parquet.
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