Which book would you recommend to me for trading stock options? related questions

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Which book would you recommend to me for trading stock options?0Delaney2012-07-19 16:00:02
I have a demo account with mytrack.com and I have been trading stock options but I want to learn a simply strategy. Any suggestions?
Stock Options Trading. Any book or web site recommendations?0Alber2012-09-13 09:15:03
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm relatively new to options trading . I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for books or websites on options strategies . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
Is anyone successfully trading stock options and can you recommend a beginning strategy?1Misca2012-10-22 14:56:59
Anybody successfully trade stock options and can recommend a strategy beginning?
I want to learn trading British Pound against dollar in Forex! Can you recommend a website or a book?1Alan2012-09-15 02:38:03
I want to learn British pound against the dollar in forex trading ! Can you recommend a website or a book?
What broker would you recommend for trading options?1Echoo2012-08-01 22:21:53
I recently took a course in trading options and have placed a few contracts. I use Fidelity investments Active Trader Pro but would like to know if there are better platforms than this one and if the brokers are reputable with good support assistance. Thanks!
What is the best book or best web-site to get better at trading options?1BON2012-08-22 05:04:03
I'm trading options , a self-taught. I like reading good books that expand my knowledge and skills.
Which is the best book/site to learn options trading in nse?2Eleanna2012-09-18 02:08:02
i have just strted to trade in options. but i dont know, anything in it. i mean which contract to buy and wer to keep stop loss. i also dont know options regarding stocks. i want to learn mainly the technicals. can anybody help me ????
What is the best book to read to learn options trading?2mary lou2012-10-13 15:43:03
I have a pretty good undertsanding actions, but I have no idea what the options are .
Which is/are the best book(s) on Trading (especially Options, Forex, CFD's and Futures)?0eram2012-08-30 12:59:09
What is / are the best book ( s ) on trade (especially options , Forex , CFD and Futures ) ?
Can anyone recommend the best stock simulator/virtual stock trading/fantasy stock website plz?1jordan2012-11-01 23:22:01
I am looking for a website that allows you to trade in stocks FTSE , I tried a few , but they are not NASDAQ or LSE . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically I'm looking for a British version Investopedia stock simulator , thnx in advance
Is there any training course or book or CD to learn in detail about options trading?5traxx2012-11-05 15:27:01
Is there a training course or a book or a CD to learn in detail about options trading ?
Would you recommend options trading or is it likely to be my path to financial ruin and failure?0Sherry2012-07-24 09:46:02
Currently I am 18 years old and I am considering trading options. Now, I don't think that being good at trading has anything to do with your age. Actually, I know quite a fair bit about options trading for an 18 year-old. I do happen to keep one thing in mind though; am I quite or even very likely if I trade options, to pathe my way to financial ruin, lose all of my money and fail miserably in your opinion? What usually happens to most people who trade options of all ages?

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