How to prevent a net to buy be cheated related questions

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How to prevent a net to buy be cheated1Gu2012-01-16 21:46:41
How to prevent a network to buy fooled
How does custom-built treatment prevent to be cheated1antilope2012-05-31 20:04:01
I look for a manufacturer to produce a batch of devices on the network, to avoid being scammed by which means the ability
Teach you to prevent network replenish onr's stock to be cheated!0witshell2012-07-24 18:36:02
Teaching prevent the network ONR replenish stock to be deceived!
Want to do chain to join in industry, but want to prevent be but how want to prevent, decieved?1Kindergarten ↘ 2012-02-23 21:33:49
Want to join the chain in the industry, but want to avoid it but how do you want to prevent , deceived ?
How to prevent slipping it? 'To prevent slipping and sliding all that mean?1Silverwing 2012-01-20 18:47:18
How to prevent slipping ? "To avoid slipping and sliding all this?
New car How to prevent dust0Lulia2012-09-05 02:25:03
New car How to prevent dust
How does cheat prevent on the net? ?1marmot2012-01-30 22:49:40
How to avoid pitfalls in the network? ?
How to prevent myopia1Brooke 2012-03-02 22:04:53
How to avoid myopia
I've been cheated yet? How to do?1mrsweetlaeh2012-09-26 02:57:03
December 31, 2009 I saw in Alibaba's trading company in Xiamen **** product information palmitic acid, palmitic acid Pianxiang ordered some of their samples. The beginning of each other that their product packaging is 25 kg minimum, 4.5 yuan per kilogram. January 1 I 1 112.5 yuan money bag samples to each other specified account in the exchange. The other says it will ship as soon as possible, you can receive the goods within 2 days. January 2 at noon, receive each other's phone said they do not have a separate package, the smallest package of 4 packs one big bag, big bag, etc. One 8 packets. If I want a packet, they can not sell. In order to try out products, we gave each other a 3 packets of money exchange, a total of 337.5 yuan. Point to each other on the play money account is 450. Other commitments that afternoon delivery, noon to 2 days. If we are not satisfied with the goods, you can return, they refund. At 9:00 on January 3rd about the other side of the phone said they received more than made goods, originally I wanted a 100 kg (200 pounds of cargo), listening to their warehouse into 200 kg, so the multiple of 100 kilograms of cargo . Their financial and warehouse-on-one when discovered. The other said there was no relationship, if we are to so many goods to give them money then played in the past, if not, you can ask drivers to pull back the goods. About 10 o'clock, the driver called and said they had come to a place close to our site the. But he refused to have the goods to us, we have to put the remaining 4 packages shall call to them, they can be delivery of goods. Afraid of the responsibility to pay the driver said, before encountered such a situation. Then we shall pack the remaining 4 (point to each other on the play money account, a total of 900 million) also when they played in the past. They can not get through the phone, and now can not contact has been! I've been cheated yet?
I was cheated What can I do?3crow2012-01-10 18:43:25
I was deceived What I can do?
Hello, I want to know whether I was cheated1Hal2012-05-09 18:40:45
On December 4, 2009 , that the search Alibaba network ONR replenish stock reaches " of the limited company of food of the " harvest people , such as consultation , such as buying property. On 7 December, after I was watching the food business at home a lot, the house he decided to cooperate. Script gave me the sheet, "expires because of the" good news when you pay , they ask to infiltrate the bank account, the problem of appearance of the shore on my network , consultative do half the payment for goods first 650 yuan as a result my limited odd days is "500 yuan " others to others was shed to close . I become the date of Zhang of the other side with the construction machine bank ATM 500 yuan afternoon , immediately is the same as " Liu Junlian of" the other side to get in touch , tells look up the side, not respond to me until today, still show today: This username has been closed by Alibaba , I do not forgive me if I was cheated experts ?
I think i cheated on my bf?2Mala2012-10-11 12:01:02
We are 14.. ( im a girl btw) I haven't heard from him in 4 days. I thought he was ignoring me.. so my ex girlfriend texts me today. She wanted to sext.. (not send pics. Just talk dirty.) She lives in another state, and she's never coming back.. so I thought why not. 5 mimutes into it, I started to feel guilty so I just stopped talking to her. I found out that my bf is just grounded. Should I tell him about what happend with me n my ex? We didn't trade pics. Id never do that.

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