If the USA government has a lot of money, why is not creating jobs & empowering International Trade agreements? related questions

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If the USA government has a lot of money, why is not creating jobs & empowering International Trade agreements?0Sreeraj2012-07-19 13:35:02
Why do politicans fight for free trade agreements and then do not enforce the parts that protect American jobs?3Laurel hill2012-10-15 08:15:02
Part of the so-called agreements, such as labor laws abroad. Meanwhile, the partner country using child and slave labor for 50 cents a day and then blame the people by organized labor and taxes to jobs to the outside to get 50 cents a day.
How is international trade affected by international agreements and treaties?0ashish2012-08-21 03:21:26
Need help, thanks .
What specific policies should the federal government pursue with goals for international trade of government?0August2012-09-08 12:05:02
What specific policies the federal government should pursue the goals for international trade in government?
Trade agreements that Australia has with international car manufacturers?0sam's Mom2012-09-20 07:28:03
Summarize trade agreements Australia has with international automakers . Are they positive or negative for our economy ? Explain with examples.
What are some of the International Free Trade Agreements with our neighbors, partners, and allies?0Outcast2012-10-11 11:51:49
What are some of the international free trade agreements with our neighbors , partners and allies ?
Why hasnt anyone addressed this as an option for creating jobs in America?1Sherrelle2012-08-27 10:07:02
Increase tariffs on all foreign goods imported , abolish free trade agreements and reduce all taxes on anyone in the American business sector including Wal -Mart (Wal -Mart I like, but it would be unfair to cut taxes monitor all but not large companies as well). In this way the rates would be as high taxes and nonexistent allow companies to hire Americans and start a business here in the states instead of importing foreign products from countries or companies that carry out the cheap labor / child labor . Why anyone in particular Obama say this? What happened to Made in America?
Obama seeks new ideas for creating jobs. Should he listen to this guy....?2frankie2015-07-29 22:26:17
What international trade agreements are present that could affect nike's company operations?0Jobelle2012-08-31 07:42:02
What international trade agreements are present that may affect the operations of the company Nike ?
How does international trade affect jobs and income?0Ajay.2012-08-12 06:14:38
How international trade affects jobs and income?
Jobs and Packages and salaries and Scope of Masters in International Trade?0Jerr2012-09-22 14:25:02
WAT CAN I DO ME MORE PACKAGES FETCH or salary after doing my BE EITHER IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE MASTER or Masters in Financial Analysis and Control? ? ? ? ?
What should be the goals for international trade of the government?0hog2012-10-03 01:51:31
What should be the objectives for the international trade of the government?

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