How likely is it that Lakers trade Pau Gasol before the season starts? related questions

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How likely is it that Lakers trade Pau Gasol before the season starts?1paul gokool2012-09-19 20:19:03
Percentage wise. What percentage would you say the Lakers Gasol will be negotiated ?
If the Lakers manage to sign/trade for Deron Williams before the 12-13 season starts?0Clarita2012-07-20 14:10:02
Will David Stern veto it?
Basketball: Do u think amare and pau gasol will get traded to another team before the season starts?2tinkwink2012-10-11 12:26:02
Amare and his huge contract was in big talks because of the knicks failure and I'm still kind of surprised the lakers haven't got rid of gasol. Do you think since LA obtained nash they will hold on the gasol trade. If u think about it nash makes everybody better.
If the Lakers kept Marc Gasol instead of trading him, where would they be at this season?0Joshi2012-07-04 23:31:03
I asking it because I think Marc is better than Bynum so why the Lakers not trade Bynum for Pau last year? BQ:Who is better Bynum or M. Gasol? BQ2:How is going in your Easter day? BTW,Happy Easter basketball section,sorry too late
Should the Lakers trade Pau Gasol? If so, for whom?6ebonie2012-09-21 18:53:02
In my opinion they shouldn't. Before Pau went to the Lakers they had 0 titles after the Shaq era. Pau averages 17 and 10 and has 2 rings. Bynum is always hurt and Pau is the consistent big man. What do you guys think?
If Lakers trade gasol for Gay would they win it all ?2ptarmigan2012-11-04 12:06:29
HQ. Will the bulls have a chance it Rose stays healthy
Who should the Lakers trade Gasol for?9La Toya Payton2012-11-03 13:33:03
Who should the Lakers trade for Gasol ?
Should the lakers trade Gasol?3Mirayah Robinson2012-09-13 06:44:02
they should trade him for derrick williams and michael beasley from minnesota
Should the lakers trade gasol to the Knicks for stoudimire ?3Huberta2012-09-25 23:34:02
I would cuz gasol doesn't want to be in la and the lakers don't want him anymore and gasol would fit right in with chandler and I think stoudimire play better in te west. I think it's a good trade and the money is right.
Who will the Lakers trade first Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol?3anoop 2012-11-02 18:08:02
BQ : If the Lakers , Mike Brown , the fire
Will the Lakers trade Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum?0Pyrgus2012-09-27 00:49:05
BQ : Lakers Fire Mike Brown
Do you think the Lakers would be able to trade Pau Gasol and or Bynum for picks?2zinnia2012-09-14 22:40:04
Just wondering, and if they do , what equipment you think is going to negotiate with ? BQ : Who will win today? Boston or Miami

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