What percentage of day traders make enough money from day trading to make a living? related questions

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What percentage of day traders make enough money from day trading to make a living?2Mack2012-09-09 04:11:02
Also , why is the percentage so low? thank you very much
Is it hard to make money with Forex? Can one get good enough to make a living out of trading currencies?1jackee2012-08-16 00:59:02
Any good advice?
This question is for Day Traders who make a living trading.?1Taniya2012-09-28 16:15:02
What are the best tools and strategies that work for you? ? I have been trading with paper money about a month and have had some success and some losses . I wanted to get some opinions from people who are successful at it. Thank you ...
Day traders? is it possible to make a living out of trading or is it too risky?2Diceykid102012-10-24 18:35:01
Day traders ? Is it possible to make a living out of trading or too risky?
How could I make just enough money not to have to work for someone else for a living besides my stock trading?0Kid Lightning 2012-09-10 16:53:02
I recently turned 19 , I'm a college student looking to study computer programming and business courses to HNC level this time next year , and you make a few hundred pounds every few weeks Swing Trading individual stocks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is, that in itself is not a living being significant - yet. It would take a fair while to accumulate enough funds to live off of. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I want to know is what else to do for a living considerably , ie what business ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please, I need your help . Thank you !
How much money would an individual need to start with to reasonably make a living day trading?0Anie2012-07-15 15:08:02
This is assuming basic competencies.
How do commodities traders make money?1South Korea2012-09-03 02:59:03
I have some friends in brushing and finacial ehy to chase people around your money to invest with them . No commodity traders do the same ? What chase people around to keep your money with them and negotiate on your behalf ? How to make money ? I'm fairly new to this area , but I heard that you can make a lot of money and lose money . Do you have to study finance to enter that road or any degree will do as long as you know the right people ? Can someone Webste alsogive one where I can read some examples of how to trade commodities in the job ? I am also looking for someone to recommend me a book on the subject .
What do options traders do? How do they make money?0Fatih2012-08-29 22:33:13
Be an options trading company in Chicago that has no customers . Only change themselves. And just use reserves to cover roughly (very roughly ) . Is this dangerous? Is this a bad career choice ?
Only professional traders make money, right? 0 하이픈2012-05-10 06:45:09
I buy dress bank to make a money on Alibaba, the call says to want to make venture earnest money, the mobile phone does not pick up the telephone, how to do?1Little fool 〆2012-02-23 21:41:47
I can buy the clothing bank to make some money on Alibaba , the call says it wants to make money from serious risk, the mobile phone does not answer the phone , how do?
A female boss of the Super 35, the United States to make money law of insider like to make money **1KoRdUnAsIcA_17 2012-03-13 21:20:04
A chance, see this article. The beauty of a thirty-five **, the couple runs a shop decoration building materials, its viability can not be considered first class, but the incredible media smart. Each decoration has experienced, I think I see some stunning, but you can not sleep, and give some caveats, I think we can have some inspiration. a company that had never graduated from elementary school, the hours, the father of reasons, the family was living in Shanghai to pick up trash life, for this reason, you can experience hours of classes every family suffering poverty, stricken, was due to his father in Shanghai, an opportunity for them to have a stand at home opportunities. Shanghai had a production of the hormone production plant manufacturers, every day, picking up trash in them, to meet manufacturers of plant hormones in a person, this person because of low wages and stole a bag the plant growth hormone plant ---- 920, then not the rest of the fundamental rights to take the bags back to selling 920 of Zhejiang, hard earned money, money before returning to home, in the history of the family business. used to do a lot of business, such as clothing store open, singing bran traffic, etc, is supported by her husband took his unscrupulous methods that allow you to win a pot of gold. but has an unforgivable mistake because it is vague, lazy to send to others the extent of their own, only in this, the annual consumption will not return the money of thousands of dollars. gossip less and Syria. Now she has a store building materials for tile-based operation, its most classic of a transaction, let's look at its super-money law. Once a customer came to your local store, the customer looks around with a piece of ceramic tile options, and asked what price, said this piece of tile price is 12 yuan per piece, this price is lower than the purchase price of 4.8 yuan each. Do not worry, do not do the business of losing money, why do this? he saw that the customer comes from another store that came to the conclusion that the client is more concerned about the price of this piece of tile, but also have to shop around, and the quality of how customers do not understand, because customers do not understand the quality, so she was out of ultra-low prices, customers pick up a much, in fact, suffered a major loss. and then change the tiles to make money, is a "Prince of civet cats," trading methods, even more curious is that she also told customers who now runs the store building materials, often more cheaper than ever, never, never pay attention, convinced that customers, for his outspoken, no doubt. not know what they looked after you like? is only one sentence "speculators," Oh. In fact, as a businessman in today's society, very few, that many people are using these means, to deepen the life of the pot of gold. Marx once said, the process of primitive accumulation of capital is often the smell of blood, provided the pockets of unscrupulous money of others. Today the purpose of writing, only a process of transaction, be sure to pay attention to the type of product, brand and specifications, and blindly negotiation is meaningless.
[Want to make money friend came Lo ~ ~] to discuss: how the textile and apparel industry make money?1fatma kaya2012-08-22 16:22:22
[ Want to make a friend money came I ~ ~ ] to discuss : how the textile and clothing industry to make money ?

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